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Anonymous Person Claims Gino Was Fired For Hiring Pro$titutes At Work

90 Day Fiance star Gino initially came into the limelight because of his turbulent relationship with Jasmine Pineda. The former is an American native who was trying his best to make his relationship work with his Panamanian partner. They’ve faced many ups and downs together.


Fortunately, it seems that things are getting better for the couple now. However, a claim by an anonymous person has left viewers in doubt about what kind of a man Gino really is. One of the claims include him hiring prostitutes at work, after which he was fired. Is this true? Does Jasmine know about this?


 90 Day Fiance: A Mysterious Person Claims Gino Was Fired From Work For Hiring Pro$titute$

90 Day Fiance star Gino and Jasmine are finally in America. The latter intially had double thoughts regarding her move. She ended up packing her bags and flying all the way to the USA. Recently, a Reddit thread started regarding the same with a picture of Jasmine and Gino roaming around in Michigan.

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It made it clear that they were still together, and their relationship was growing stronger. But amid all this, viewers started to discuss the professional background of Gino and some shocking revelations in the comment section of the Reddit thread.

A user wrote, “Hes not a civil engineer.” The anonymous person further revealed that their father used to work with Gino in the “auto industry.” The noted fan added, “Everyone made fun of him, he is a weird person.”

The Redditor also wrote that Gino allegedly used to talk about his “experiences” with “escorts turning him away” just because of his “gross requests” at the lunch table. Fans were in shock when the mysterious viewer claimed, “he was fired for hiring prostitutes on work trips to Mexico.”

90 day fiance

The user with the ID “LawIll6741” admitted that they did not know about Gino’s current job. But they wondered if he was able to get another one or not because the industry is really “small” there. As of now, this claim has not been verified.

But, many Redditors are starting to believe that this is Gino’s truth. What do you think about this? Do you think these claims about the 90 Day Fiance star are actually true? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

90 Day Fiance: Is Gino Really Rich? How Much Does He Actually Earn?

90 Day Fiance fans have always watched Gino supporting Jasmine financially on the show. He used to pay most of the latter’s bills. Hence, it appeared that he was actually rich, while viewers wondered what Gino’s net worth was and what he did to earn a living.

As per the reports, the celeb is an “engineer” with 30 years of expertise in an automobile firm. In 2021, Gino joined Faurecia as a product development engineer. Hence, many sources have claimed that he earns around $80,000 annually and is evidently making a good amount.

90 day fiance

Gino also has a retirement amount of about $600,000, again, a great deal. He claimed that he was thinking of taking an early retirement so that the money could be used to raise his child. Hence, if he does the same, he would perhaps further get benefits of the same.

Amid all this, Gino’s net worth is already $1.5 million. Moreover, his stalk purchase value has already reached around $650,000, which will further help him during his retirement. So it is evident that Gino surely is a RICHIE RICH!

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