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Angela shows how to buy adult toys

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem is currently making it to the headlines because of her controversial appearence on The Last Resort. She is trying to save her marriage with Michael while the latter is still in Nigeria and has joined the show virtually. So, it was evident that due to their long-distance relationship, their bedroom life was badly affected.

Hence, one of the show’s experts ended up giving Angela a sex toy. As per reports, many viewers were wondering where they could get it from. Recently, a place came up where you can get the exact toy that Angela Deem has, that too, at an unimaginable price.

 90 Day Fiance: Here’s Where You Can Get Angela Deem’s Sex Toy

90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort has some expert therapists who are helping couples make their relationships better in all aspects. One of them decided to improve Angela and Michael’s bedroom life as they weren’t under the same roof. Hence, the sex educator ended up introducing the couple to a “Bluetooth vibrator.”

Michael couldn’t believe it as he was now able to give pleasure to his wife from Nigeria with his new NSFW toy just by using an app. Since then, viewers have been curious to know from where they could also get the hi-tech toy.

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As per the reports, this adult toy’s name is LOVENSE Lush 3 Bullet Vibrator. This is easily available on Amazon and has various settings as well. A person can opt for “solo play” or “partner control.” The latter one is the best for Michael and Angela as now they can improve their bedroom life even after living miles apart.

Its app also has a “Video session” option that would help the couple have a more intimate experience, as per Starcasm. This hot pink bullet vibrator costs just $129 and seemingly is the best thing for lovers who are in a long-distance relationship. Hence, it is evident that it is improving Angela and Michael’s relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Runs After Yara With Her ‘Used’ NSFW Toy

90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem never hesitates in showing her real side to the world. Lately, she has been obsessed with her new toy and has been using it as well. Amid all this, viewers were in shock when the celeb ended up flaunting her Bluetooth vibrator publicly.

In a recent clip, Deem carried her NSFW toy in her bikini and took it out in front of Kalani and Yara. She stated, “It’s Michael’s penis,” and started laughing hysterically. Angela was quick to start chasing Zaya, who ran to save her life.

Angela had her vibrator in her hand while she ran after Yara. The former soon ran out of breath and stated, “You’re lucky I’m an old lady.” Many viewers were in shock as the celeb was publicly chasing Zaya with a “used” toy. But on the other hand, several fans loved this side of Angela.

They admitted that this is the version of Deem they want to watch rather than the other who is abusing and yelling at others all the time. A user even wrote, “Angela is a lot of fun for her age, lol.”

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