Amy Roloff Shockingly Flees To A Mysterious Remote Place

LPBW star Amy Roloff started to share an estranged relationship with Matt after she left him with a chaotic divorce. Their bond further deteriorated because of the infamous family feud. She saw Zach and Jeremy having issues with their father while the latter’s stubbornness ruined everything.

As per the current scenario, several sources have claimed that Zach and Tori wouldn’t be returning for another season. Meanwhile Jeremy and Audrey already left way back. Amid all this, Little People Big World fans were in shock when they got to know that Amy ended up fleeing to a mysterious, remote place. Did it happen after she heard this news? Where is she now? Will she return?

LPBW: Where Is Amy Roloff? Why Did She Flee?

Amy Roloff is among the last few members who are still a part of the Little People Big World show. Apparently, most of the family has already left the franchise and is now living a life without crew cameras. Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob, along with their respective partners, decided to keep their privacy above fame.

Now, Zach and Tori have also made up their mind to quit LPBW. Amid all this, viewers were in disbelief when they got to know that Amy had also fled away to a mysterious place after all her kids went! Recently, Amy revealed that she was going on a “motorcycle trip.” Lately, she has been exploring “Yellowstone National Park.”

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The LPBW celeb has been enjoying her life with Chris while she posted some serene pictures of “The Teton Mountains.” Amy seemed to be really happy as she admitted that she could not even explain how great her trip was going. She further praised the beauty of “Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.”

In another snap, the matriarch documented the beauty of a blue geyser from Yellowstone. Amy was all set and dressed up in a black long-sleeved shirt, which she paired with jeans and a scarf. Fans were delighted to know that she was enjoying her life away from all the family drama. She is used to going on motorcycling trips with Chris and traveling interstate.

LPBW: Are Zach And Tori Really Leaving Their Family Show? But Why?

A beautiful era of the LPBW show is coming to an end now. It initially started off with Matt and Amy looking after their kids while they lived on their 100-acre Roloff farm. But as per the current scenario, only Zach and Tori were the ones who attracted the audience, and viewers loved watching them.

But now it seems that they have also decided to quit the show life others. Recently, Caryn’s son Connor chose to open up about the same and spilled some tea. He claimed that the camera has been rolling for another season lately, but Zach and Tori aren’t turning up for it now.


Connor further revealed that Zach now has an estranged relationship with Matt. He claimed that the latter’s family only visits the farm “twice” a year, that too after insisting a lot. The star kid added that the noted couple has moved away with all the “indifferences” and are busy doing their own thing now.

Connor recalls the “grapevine” of Zach and Tori not wanting to be a part of the upcoming season. He stated that if the couple would continue, they would prefer doing their “own thing.”

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