Amy Roloff Reunites With Ex-Husband Matt Roloff At The Roloff Farm!

Amy and Matt Roloff ended their relationship a long time ago. However, they always shared a cordial relationship despite their issues. Moreover, the LPBW stars often meet each other over business needs and other reasons. Amy is busy in her life with her new husband Chris Marek.

Meanwhile, Matt is preparing for his marriage with fiance Caryn Chandler. Fans love to see the TLC celebs with each other on screens. Now it appears that they have treated their fans with a new video after reuniting on the family farm. Why was she there?

 LPBW: Amy Roloff Shares Some Fun Moments With Matt Roloff! 

Amy and Matt Roloff parted ways after a chaotic marriage. However, they have moved on completely and stayed friends with each other. Fans have been hoping to see the Little People, Big World stars together on screens again. However, it appears they are taking a little break from their personal lives for a reunion.

Recently, Matt Roloff shared a new video on his Instagram which has now been deleted. According to TheSun, Amy and Matt had a chit-chat with Jacob’s wife Isabel. In it, the clip starts with Isabel explaining to Matt and Amy the difference between Instagram stories and Reel.

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The father-of-four asked, “What’s the difference between a Reel and a Story” to the camera and pans it towards his ex-wife to ask the same. Amy appeared in a white and blue striped t-shirt and blue jeans to answer the question. She stated I was just informed that a Reel stays on your Instagram.

Little People Big World

Amy continued to explain that “a Story goes away after 24 hours.” Isabel interrupted and praised her mom-in-law, “There you go, you’re learning,” making Matt laugh. Further, he explained to his followers that they were sitting there and figuring out the social media before giving his fans a tour of his family farm.

Soon after the video was released, fans rushed to the comment section to praise the ex LPBW couple for developing a friendly bond with each other. However, Matt deleted the post later without any explanation. His followers are wondering if this video created some problem between Matt and Amy again.

LPBW: Amy Roloff Went To A Secluded Place With Chris Marek!

Amy and Chris have been raising the standards ever since their marriage. They have been sharing their little moments. Fans love to see the pair together. The matriarch has been away from social media for a long time and fans were interested to know where she went.

Finally, she shared a few snaps of her trip to Yellowstone National Park. Fans got to see the LPBW celeb enjoying her time at the Teton Mountains as well. She stated, “The Tetons Spectacular! Can’t tell you what a great motorcycle this has been.”

Amy expressed her excitement and added, “The beauty of this corner of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming.” Seemingly, she has become habitual of going on motorcycle rides with her husband frequently. Fans were glad to see that the TLC celeb is finally living her life to the fullest.

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