Amy Roloff Packs Up & Hits The Road

LPBW (Little People, Big World) star Amy Roloff is packing up and hitting the road. The mom of four is ready for a change of scenery and shared her next big adventure with fans. Is this a permanent change or just a quick trip? Where is she off to now? Keep reading for all of the details and check out the pictures from the journey so far.

Amy seems to be doing well living in Oregon and enjoying time with her husband, Chris Marek. But if you follow her on social media, you are probably aware that she travels quite often. She recently spent time in Michigan with her extended family. Now, she’s back on the road.

LPBW - Amy Roloff - YouTube
LPBW – Amy Roloff – YouTube

Amy Roloff gives fans a peek as she packs her bags.

On her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Amy welcomed fans into her bedroom as she packed up for her next big adventure. She explained that she had to pack clothes for a variety of weather. She also said that it’s “tricky to pack for a motorcycle trip” and that she would likely overpack.

Below, you can see a few snaps as Amy prepared for the trip. She informed fans that one of her strategies is to lay everything out before she starts narrowing it down.

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LPBW - Amy Roloff Instagram
LPBW – Amy Roloff Instagram

On her Instagram page, Amy shared a new post showing off her packed duffel bag. She gave the camera a thumbs up and wrote, “All packed, everything in this duffel bag for a 12 day motorcycle trip to Wyoming. See you on the road (watch out for us 😳)”

Later, Amy hopped back on her Instagram Stories to share a photo as she and Chris hit the road. She encouraged fans to wish them luck.

LPBW - Amy Roloff Instagram
LPBW – Amy Roloff Instagram

LPBW fans are blown away by Amy’s packing skills. She managed to fit 12 days’ worth of clothing in a single duffel bag. Some of her followers are requesting a packing tutorial so they can learn to pack more lightly too. One fan said, “I think I need packing lessons from you!! I don’t know how you do it.” Others are echoing the same sentiment.

Also in the comments section of Amy’s post, her followers are wishing her and Chris the best. They hope she has a safe and fun trip. They are also eager to see photos and videos from their next big adventure.

Hopefully, Amy and Chris have a wonderful time on their trip to Wyoming. Be on the lookout for more photos along the way and of their destination too.

So, are you glad to see Amy Roloff and Chris Marek living their best lives? Are you excited to check out more of their photos and videos soon? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to

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