Amber Johnston Shocks Fans With Her Attitude To Leighton

7 Little Johnstons’ grandma, Amber Johnston adores the first grandchild that Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston and Brice Bolden produced and a heartwarming photo of Leighton revealed the depth of emotion that the TLC star experiences. Fans love to see how she bonds with the cute little girl.

Amber Johnston Surprised Fans With Her Attitude To Leighton
7 Little Johnstons fans were surprised to see that the mom of Liz Johnston took to the baby as well as she did. After all, she and Trent are very strict parents. Remember, Trent got right into the face of Brice Bolden when Liz left home. He embarrassed him by talking about the “single bed.” Instead of publically wailing about a baby out of wedlock, both parents seem thrilled to be grandparents. So, they got some kudos for that.

Amber Johnston shares the most photos of the baby via her Team7ljs account on Instagram. Recently, she posted some cute photos of Leighton at six weeks old. One photo showed Emma loving being “Aunt Em.” And, another one revealed that the baby looks like a living doll. Clearly, this baby will feature a lot on social media, and hopefully in new seasons of the TLC show.

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Johnston’s Mom Spends Time Bonding
A recent photo that the new grandma posted ended up on the @littlepeoplebigworld_7lj Instagram account. Some fans felt that they could literally see the mom of five melting. The caption talked about that as well.

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7 Little Johnstons star Amber Johnston, Leighton - Instagram

In the comments, fans loved the photo of Amber Johnston with her grandbaby.

  • Holding your precious granddaughter enjoy her.❤️
  • Gorgeous baby. Blessings ????????????????????
  • There’s something so special with a grandchild.????????
  • What a beautiful picture!!! ???? God bless them.
  • The cutest baby of the year. Cuteness overloaded ❤️
  • So much love and sweetness. She is beautiful. ❤️

The baby might be spending a lot of time with her grandmother because Liz Johnston explained that she’s struggling with post-partum depression. Actually, fans wondered if she moved back home to live with her mom and dad again. But, some people hoped not because that might not be healthy for the young couple.

Those who feared that Liz and Brice Bolden split were happy to hear an update from Amber Johnston recently. She told her TLC fans via photos that Brice is very much part of the family, as she revealed a stocking hung up for Brice next to their Christmas tree.

What do you think of the sweet photo of grandmother Amber Johnston melting with love over baby Leighton? Do you love to see her bond with the newest addition?

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