Amber Johnston Missing Her Mom, Shares Rare Pic

7 Little Johnstons star Amber Johnston is a grandmother now, and on Mother’s Day, she remembered her mom, Lori Lee Stormer. The TLC star shared a rare photo of her mom with her husband, Andy, and the three kids, Amber, Sarah, and Andrew.

Amber Johnston’s Mom Never Met Leighton Bolden

This year on Mother’s Day, it was the first time that Elizabeth “Liz” Johnston celebrated being a mom to Leighton Drew Bolden. It was also the first time that her mom and her dad, Trent Johnston celebrated being grandparents. So, it seemed like a special day for the TLC stars. But sadly, Leighton’s great-grandmother, Lori Lee Stormer wasn’t there to celebrate.

7 Little Johnstons Star Amber Johnston With Leighton - Instagram
7 Little Johnstons Star Amber Johnston With Leighton on her graduation day – Instagram
Amber Johnston had more than Mother’s Day to celebrate, recently. She also celebrated her graduation. Did you know that she took up teaching, and later, got her degree in social work? Probably, the 7 Little Johnstons star must have missed her mom on her graduation day.

On Mother’s Day, Trent’s wife posted a photo of her kids and her husband. In her caption, she said on Instagram“I can have all the letters behind my name, but these 3 letters….MOM….make me the most proud. #mothersday.” But later, another story photo revealed the 7 Little Johnstons star in a throwback photo of her mom, her dad, Andy, and her siblings.

Amber Johnston with her family - Mother's Day 2024 - Instagram
7 Little Johnston star Amber Johnston with her family – Mother’s Day 2024 – Instagram

15 years without you Mom…I know you are so proud of you[r] 3 kids, grandbabies, and great-grandbaby. I miss you.

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Rare Pic Of Amber Johnston's Mom - Instagram
Rare Pic Of Amber Johnston’s Mom – Instagram

Amber Johnston‘s mom was described as being just 46 when she died. “She was born on September 15, 1962 in Kansas City, Missouri. Lori loved going to the beach and skating on the boardwalk in San Diego.”

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