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Amanda Halterman Shares Heartbreaking Family Death

1000-Lb. Sisters star Amanda Halterman is sharing the news of a heartbreaking family death. This has been a tragic year for her and her family. They already suffered through the passing of her sister, Tammy Slaton’s husband, Caleb Willingham. Now, sadness has struck again but who is it now? Read on for more details.

Amanda Halterman Shares Heartbreaking Family Death

It has not been an easy year for Amanda Halterman and her family. Though they have been celebrating the incredible weight loss and success of Tammy Slaton, there have been downfalls. Over the summer, Tammy’s husband, Caleb Willingham died at the age of 40. The fear was, no matter what his situation was with Tammy, that this would cause her to backslide. Fortunately, she has kept going and is doing an amazing job. Filming even went on with 1000-Lb. Sisters which was a great sign for fans of the hit TLC reality series. Then, Amanda was hit hard with illness.

Amanda Halterman from 1000-Lb Sisters from TLC
Amanda Halterman- TLC
Along with the post, Amanda Halterman shared a sweet photo of her auntie, smiling with a red sweater draped around her shoulders. As it turns out, her aunt had seventeen siblings waiting for her in heaven. Amanda concluded her post with: “Please say a prayer for my great Aunties babies, grand babies and great grand babies she left behind. ( and the rest of us). ? She will be missed so deeply. ?” Immediately, fans noticed how much Amanda’s auntie looked like her mother.

Hopes For The Future

Amanda Halterman shared that she hopes she can look as beautiful as those who came before her. Especially, as she prepares to leave this world one day. However, her fans told her she is beautiful as she is right now. Others simply told her to hold on to these memories as they are to be cherished during difficult times. Finally, many offered condolences for her loss and prayers, as well.

Do you think her late auntie favors her mother? Let us know in the comments below and sending so much love and light to her entire family during this difficult time. May her memory be a blessing.

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