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90 Day’s Daniele Refuses to Treat Yohan Like a ‘Kept Man’ and Shekinah Calls Sarper a ‘Giant Red Flag’

On Monday’s ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’, Kimberly and TJ decided the fate of their wedding while Kenny and Armando made decisions about surrogacy and a move to Mexico City in their future

The fog has started to clear for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way couples.

Though life abroad may seem like paradise, it’s far from it as the Americans start to learn the inner workings of their partners’ personalities. Monday night’s episode focused on four couples who are making huge life decisions. From weddings and babies to buying new beds, here’s where each relationship left off.

Shekinah and Sarper 

90 Day Fiance
Sarper and Shekinah have different opinions on social media, which caused an argument on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.TLC

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Shekinah was officially living in Turkey, and she had begun to notice a few things about Sarper she didn’t love. Despite their chemistry in the bedroom, their opinions on social media, fitness and general lifestyle were poised to impact their future. The episode began with Sarper insisting on weighing Shekinah to see if she had met the “goal weight” he set for her. This naturally made her uncomfortable.

Later, Sarper and Shekinah had their first big fight about a selfie Shekinah took. The couple’s photo was cute enough that she wanted to post it on Instagram — but Sarper said she was not allowed to. “Your account is not private. Anyone can see you. So when you post something, someone can say something about that,” he told her. Sarper’s concern was that a woman from his past (or many of them) would slide into her DMs with revelations about her boyfriend, a self-proclaimed playboy.

Shekinah didn’t accept his reasoning, telling Sarper, “This is getting me really triggered right now, ’cause I’ve dealt with this a lot. Guys wanting my account private and not wanting me to post the relationship. I know exactly what it means. You don’t want certain women to see me.”

She reiterated in an interview: “This has happened to me before. I’ve dated controlling guys … they always want to hide relationships so they can continue to be players on the side. I mean, he’s slept with thousands of women, so I’m not going to deal with this.”

Later in the episode, Shekinah and Sarper took a boat ride. With a red blanket over his shoulders, blowing in the wind, she quipped her boyfriend literally looked like a “giant red flag.”

Daniele and Yohan 

90 Day Fiance
Daniele and Yohan argued about purchasing a $30,000 car on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.TLC

Yohan was seemingly contemplating the end of his marriage to Daniele. During a workout session with a buddy, Yohan vented his frustrations about Daniele after the immigration meeting when she said she was only comfortable sponsoring her husband for a U.S. travel visa.

“Daniele was aware of my financial situation from the start. I’ve spent my whole life working here, and I have nothing,” Yohan said of wanting to leave the Dominican Republic for America. “You want to live here, fine. But I’m not going to pay rent, I’m not going to rent cars. I’m tired of all of that. I’m done with all that.”

As this potential breaking point loomed, Daniele and Yohan shopped for cars. He set his sights on a $30,000 model to buy, but Daniele was having none of it. “If Yohan thinks he has an American wife who’s going to completely enable him and support him, then he’s picked the wrong American,” she said. “I’m not interested in having a kept man, I’ve made that very clear.”

Kenny and Armando

90 Day Fiance
Kenny and Armando celebrated their future path — which finally looks the same for both of them.TLC

First, Armando fell in love with Mexico City during their trial summer there and agreed to pack up and move there full time. Though he was initially nervous about being vulnerable to crime, Armando felt safe and fulfilled, so the men decided to wait for daughter Hannah’s school year to wrap up before relocating.

And Kenny had an “epiphany” about welcoming a new baby via surrogate: “I came to the decision about surrogacy in the middle of the night. I was up all night thinking about it, and I told Armando I would have an answer for him by the time we left Mexico City,” Kenny told cameras. “I’ve never let anything in my life stop me before. I’ve never let unknowns or hurdles get in the way of something. It’s scary as hell, but I know I can do anything. And having Armando by my side in this, it’s possible. And I want to fulfill that for him and us.”

Kenny decided he did want to be a father again. With the only hold up being his age, he agreed to welcome a child to get the most out of life, and their marriage. This was fantastic news for Armando who has been passionate about having a child together. As Kenny and Armando drove home, it was clear they’d reached the same page and understanding of their next chapter.

“There’s a lot of unknowns with this, I know, and I am very nervous, but I’m excited to start this journey with you and we’re gonna have the cutest baby — the cutest family,” Armando shared.

Kimberly and TJ 

90 Day Fiance
TJ broke up with Kimberly via text message just a few days before their 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way wedding.TLC

Last week, Kimberly and TJ broke up via text message after a dinner with her parents that had gone wrong. Their wedding was just two days away, but it was anyone’s guess if it would actually happen. Monday night’s episode showed the remainder of Kimberly’s phone call with TJ — and her desperation to repair the relationship.

“There is no reason in sticking up together if someone is very sad and very disappointed about some other’s deeds,” TJ said of his decision to leave her. Kimberly then apologized for not treating the relationship well saying, “I guess I thought subconsciously that you would never break up with me.”

TJ evaluated the whole relationship in an interview: “I really love Kimberly, but sometimes it’s really hard to make her happy. Sometimes feels like that it is not worth the struggle.”

At the end of the day, he decided it was worth it. TJ flipped his stance and welcomed Kimberly back into his life. “There is a future,” he told her. “And we’re getting married in two days.”

For Kimberly, this was great news. The pair were all smiles as they hung up the phone to prepare for their next wedding festivity. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost TJ at this point because all of the futures I see are us together,” Kimberly said.

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