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90 Day: The Single Life: Is Miss Debbie Dating A New Man After Oussama Split?

Debbie will date men of her own age after her split with Oussama who was 43 years younger. Has Debbie met her boyfriend on 90 Day: The Single Life?

  • Debbie Aguero, known from 90 Day Fiancé, is returning to reality TV on 90 Day: The Single Life in 2024.
  •  Debbie’s relationship with Oussama Berber ended due to his cruel remarks and his desire to secure a Green Card.
  •  Debbie is the founder of GemHouse Studio and is working on launching a creative arts therapy center and animal sanctuary called Wild Ark Studio & Animal Sanctuary.

Debbie Aguero is returning to reality TV with 90 Day: The Single Life in 2024 and is ready to meet a man her age. Debbie, 67, had a complicated relationship with Oussama Berber, 24, from Morocco on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Debbie and Oussama had an age gap of 43 years between them. They’d met online when the Sugar Hills, Georgia woman was at the lowest point of her life. The eccentric artist was impressed by Oussama complimenting her artwork. Debbie went to meet Oussama, a poet and artist, in person after six months. A couple of years later, Debbie was ready to marry Oussama.

Why Did Debbie Split With Oussama On Before the 90 Days?

90 Day Fiance's Debbie Augero and Oussama Berber looking away from each other

Debbie uprooted her life to be with Oussama in Morocco, but Oussama shocked her by sharing his plans to move to the U.S. Oussama never tried to make plans with Debbie when she wanted to talk about their future in Morocco. They were having “wonderful conversations” when they were texting, but when she spent time with him in person, Oussama gave Debbie “nothing.” He even asked her, “Are you crazy?” and accused her of having a “mental sickness,” when Debbie reminded him that he was going to take care of her when she came to live with him.

What Is 90 Day Fiancé’s Debbie Up To In 2023?

Montage of Debbie Aguero from scenes in 90 Day Fiance. She wears a purple dress in one and a pink frilly scarf in another

Debbie became a Pillow Talk regular after her stint on Before the 90 Days ended. Julian was her co-star. Debbie is the founder of a boutique called GemHouse Studio. Her collection includes various styles of jewelry adorned with exotic stones. Debbie has been working on a project along with building her career as a reality TV celebrity. She wants to launch a creative arts therapy center and animal sanctuary called Wild Ark Studio & Animal Sanctuary. In November 2023, Debbie shared a link to her website and wrote that the proceeds from sales would help fund her sanctuary.

Debbie was announced as a cast member of 90 Day: The Single Life on December 11, 2023. ET revealed that Debbie will be trying to find a more age-appropriate relationship in the series. Debbie will be meeting men who want to impress her, but they will have to go through her cop son Julian, who’s been looking out for his mom’s best interest. The trailer for the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off shows Debbie out on a date with a man where she comes across a caricature with misaligned eyes and jokes that it reminds her of her ex.

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Debbie tells the cameras that she lied to her date about her age. Debbie admits her conscience has been telling her to go and tell the truth to the man, which she does as the man looks at her with a confused expression. Recently, Debbie was seen in the comments section of Scott Wern where she sympathized with the man for the hate and criticism he was getting online. She said she was very familiar with it. 90 Day: The Single Life could give Debbie a chance to redeem herself as long as she refrains from attacking innocent cast members for no reason on the Tell All set.

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