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90 Day: The Last Resort’s Michael Ilesanmi Doesn’t Deserve Angela’s Wrath For Doing The Right Thing

Angela Deem lashes out at Michael Ilesanmi in the latest episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, and viewers don’t think he deserved to be yelled at.

  • Angela disrespected Michael for attending a call from his co-stars at a strip club, but viewers feel he did nothing wrong.
  •  Angela’s past behavior and mistreatment of Michael has led fans to believe that he deserves better.
  •  Angela’s hypocritical actions, such as spending a night with another man and flashing her private parts, have caused viewers to dislike her.

Angela Deem disrespected Michael Ilesanmi after the strip club situation, but many 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers think it wasn’t his fault. The drama began when Jovi Dufren, Big Ed, and Asuelu Pulaa decided to explore the nearby adult entertainment bar. They hid the outing from their partners, hoping to avoid drama. At the strip club, Asuleu and Jovi decided to Facetime Michael to make him feel included. However, the Nigerian man got petrified that it would make Angela mad and decided to cut the call instead. He claimed his American wife would fly down to Nigeria and kick his “a**.”

A social media user wrote, “he did the right thing and she still gets mad at him,” claiming that Michael was a victim in this case. Another fan commented, “Angela flirts with every man she sees but Michael isn’t allowed to even look.”

Angela & Michael’s 90 Day: The Last Resort Journey Explained

Angela and Michael Ilesanmi from 90 Day Fiance with intense expressions

Angela and Michael’s drama goes back to 2018 when the pair debuted on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 2. The two had a decent relationship and tied the knot at the time. Unfortunately, Angela’s changed personality and rude behavior pushed Michael away. It led him to seek physical comfort from another woman, which didn’t end well. Since the cheating scandal, Angela has been unable to trust Michael at all. The pair still live miles apart, and it appears Angela hasn’t done much to bring her husband to the United States yet.

Michael didn’t do wrong by letting Angela know about the call, as he simply wanted to avoid any future conflict. Over the years, Angela has verbally abused him for the smallest of things and emotionally tortured him with her comments. She has also stopped him from creating social media accounts, looking at other women, or even cashing on his reality TV popularity. Many fans want Michael to realize his worth and end his relationship with the middle-aged American woman for good. People want to see Michael be free from Angela’s shackles once and for all.

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Viewers are also right that Angela is extremely hypocritical for lashing out at Michael. The 57-year-old woman got angry at her husband for attending a co-star’s call from the strip club. However, she didn’t realize that she had done much worse in her private time at the resort. Over the weeks, Angela has done the most absurd things. She spent a night with Jovi, consuming alcohol. She has flashed her private parts to Ed. A few months ago, a video showed her giving another man a lap dance. Angela’s lack of self-awareness is a big reason many 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers dislike her.

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