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90 Day: The Last Resort reveals secret Jovi kept from Yara

90 Day: The Last Resort fans have already seen Yara revealing a major secret she kept from Jovi. Now, something even more important has come to light as Jovi’s mother reveals that he hid a job opportunity from his wife.

While his current job sees him away for months, the new opportunity would have allowed him to work closer to home. Needless to say, this news was devastating for Yara, who has to spend so much time alone with Mylah.

90 Day: The Last Resort reveals secret Jovi kept from Yara

In a clip revealed by Entertainment Tonight, Yara and Jovi are in a session with a therapist. As 90 Day Fiancé fans know, Yara and Jovi are still dealing with major trust issues, as it seems they keep hiding major things from each other.

Earlier in 90 Day: The Last Resort, it was revealed that Yara was secretly taking birth control, despite the fact that Jovi wants another child. This next secret kept by Jovi is in some ways much worse than that.

Jovi's mom outs him over an important secret
Jovi’s mother Gwen [Image Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]

Jovi’s mother is with them in the therapy session at the resort, which is fine as Yara feels close to her mother-in-law.

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However, in this session, his mom outed her son for not sharing important information with Yara.

This secret related to a job opportunity that would have had a direct impact on their lives. Apparently, Jovi wasn’t “comfortable” in sharing that with Yara.

Jovi’s mom tells him that he needs to tell Yara about the job offer he had several months ago. Meanwhile, the job would have been closer to home and he would thus be able to spend more time with Yara and their daughter Mylah.

In the past, Yara has told Jovi how hard it was for her to bring up Mylah alone as his underwater robotics job has him traveling for months at a time. In the therapy session, Jovi said he didn’t take up the job offer and didn’t want to tell Yara, as he knew she “wouldn’t understand.”

Jovi ‘selfish’ for not taking up job offer

90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya feels Jovi is selfish
Yara Zaya [Image Entertainment Tonight/YouTube]

On hearing the secret, Yara is obviously upset.

“Wait, let me make this clear. So you had the offer to work closer to home, but you refused it?” Yara asked Jovi. His response was a simple, “Yep.”

Yara tells the cameras that she thinks Jovi’s decision was selfish.

Next old footage shows Yara crying over Jovi leaving for work and saying, “You know we want you home.”

“This is the problem ever since we’ve been married and he tried to keep it a secret, which is p*ssing me off,” Yara tells the cameras in the clip, which can be viewed below.

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