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90 Day: The Last Resort: Kelly Brown’s “Thirsty” Instagram Comments Explained

Former cop Kelly Brown and reality TV star Molly Hopkins split for good on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Single Kelly is attracting attention on Instagram.

  • Kelly Brown’s relationship with Molly Hopkins ended in November 2022, and the reason for their split remains undisclosed.
  •  Following his breakup with Molly, Kelly’s currently receiving attention from his female fans on Instagram.
  •  Kelly’s followers believe that Molly treated him poorly. They hope he finds a new partner in the future.

90 Day: The Last Resort star Kelly Brown’s thirsty comments are grabbing eyeballs on Instagram. Kelly is a 43-year-old man from New York. He was first seen in 90 Day: The Single Life season 1. Kelly had interacted with Molly Hopkins on Instagram. Their relationship blossomed via DMs, and Molly soon flew to NYC to meet the police officer. Sparks flew, and they became one of the most loved franchise couples. Little did fans know that Molly and Kelly would have already split up when they joined their next 90 Day Fiancé spinoff.

The real reason behind Kelly and Molly’s split in November 2022 was never revealed. It’s believed they broke up after Kelly got into an alleged physical altercation with her daughter Olivia Hopkins. Molly dragged Kelly to couples’ therapy to see if they had a chance of getting back together. However, things didn’t work out in their favor. Kelly was left heartbroken when Molly decided to end their relationship. The single Kelly’s now on Instagram, getting attention from his female fans.

re In Peace

kelly brown 90 day fiance instagram post with dog

90 Day Fiancé star Kelly recently opened up about the negative comments he gets about his appearance. Kelly preached the importance of self-love and asked fans to love themselves. He mentioned he received hate for his looks, his weight, his big lips, and the gap in his front teeth. However, the women in Kelly’s comments these days only have compliments for the New York man. Kelly shared a picture with his dog Bean on Instagram. The puppy wore a Wonder Woman costume for the photo. A fan commented, “What a cutie! And, your dog’s pretty snazzy, too!” as they tried to flirt with Kelly.

90 Day Fiancé Fan “Nominates” Herself To Be Kelly’s Girlfriend

Kelly shared a behind-the-scenes video from his 90 Day: The Last Resort confessional shoot in October 2023. The post received a lot of engagement from Kelly’s supporters. Fans asked him questions about his relationship with Molly. Kelly told one fan that he never lived with Molly when he moved to Georgia. He said he had his own place in Smyrna. “Before anyone say she supported me, she DID NOT,” he added. Kelly wanted people to know that he had his own income coming in. “Don’t let this shut you down. There’s a woman out there for you,” a fan told him.

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Meanwhile, one of Kelly’s ardent admirers nominated herself to be Kelly’s next girlfriend. 90 Day: The Last Resort viewers believe Molly did Kelly dirty. They’re accusing Molly of agreeing to join the show to get a vacation and promote her business. According to them, Molly wasn’t there to try and fix things. She was rude to Kelly and wanted to hurt him. Kelly’s followers are nothing like Molly. They love and support him. It won’t be surprising if Kelly finds his next spin-off partner on Instagram again, now that he’s ended his chapter with Molly.

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