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’90 Day’ Stars Big Ed & Liz on Marriage, Moving in Together and Their Explosive Relationship

90 Day Fiancé stars Big Ed and Liz seem to have finally found peace and happiness in their relationship after a recent stint on the 90 Day spinoff series The Last Resort.

The fiery couple have had many ups and downs, including at least 11 break-ups over three years, with the most recent taking place on January’s Happily Ever After? special. But, according to Liz, these trials and tribulations have only strengthened their relationship, alongside their recent experiences with therapy.

“What has made this round the best round that we’ve ever had was the therapy that we had,” Liz told E! News in a new interview. “We learned how to work on ourselves individually, together, become friends, learn how to be partners together. So we had a lot of help in that.”

Big Ed and Liz were one of the five 90 Day pairs to participate in The Last Resort, which sees the couples attending a group retreat to work through their various relationship issues with the help of professional therapists and relationship coaches.

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“We’ve learned how to become friends,” Liz said of her relationship with Ed, who himself added, “I would say we’re in a really good place.”

With things going so well, does that mean wedding bells are in the future, or maybe they are already married? The couple wouldn’t confirm just yet, though Ed did tease, “Watch the show.” However, they did reveal that they were living together in their new home in Arkansas.

“Someone asked me a question: how would you compare San Diego to Arkansas?” Liz recalled. “I said, ‘San Diego’s for single Liz and Ed. Arkansas is for settled down Liz and Ed.’ Future, getting everything together, becoming partners, that’s how I would describe it.”

According to In Touch Weekly, Liz and Ed already tied the knot back on Tuesday, August 29, in Bentonville, Arkansas, and are keeping it under wraps until the ceremony airs on the TLC reality series.

The festivities apparently took place at Holland Barn Venue with a 3pm ceremony and wrapped up around 10 pm, according to In Touch, which cited the wedding website The Knot (which has since deleted the listing).

’90 Day Fiancé’ Stars Big Ed & Liz Share Update on Relationship After ‘The Last Resort’

As far as the couple’s secret for making their relationship work, Ed told E! News, “Liz had the best quote ever that we learned recently. Somebody had told her, when you get into a fight, you never go past the driveway.”

“You never take your keys,” Liz added. “Because once you get in your car and you drive off, it just changes everything. So be mad, go to a different room. You can sit in your car if you need to. Don’t take off.”

Ed also shared the advice he learned from an elderly couple. “They’d been married for over 60 years, and they’re like, ‘We were never ready to leave each other at the same time,’” he shared. “I think that says a lot about what it takes to be in a relationship. It’s not 50-50. It’s 100-100 every day.”

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