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90 Day Fiancé’s Yara Zaya Posts Surprisingly Cuddly Picture With Santa On Christmas

Yara Zaya from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise has again become the talk of the town due to her cozy photo with Santa in her latest Instagram post.


  •  Former 90 Day Fiancé star Yara Zaya baffle followers by sharing a Christmas photo, embracing Santa in a cozy picture.
  •  Yara’s followers question if she had plastic surgery due to her different makeup look, but she clarifies it was just cosmetics.
  •  Yara’s confident response to rumors shows she has overcome her insecurities and embraces body positivity.

Recently, Yara posted a cute photo album on Instagram, showing how she celebrated Christmas. She wore a red designer dress, highlighting her curves and makeup. One of the pictures showed Yara sitting on Santa’s lap like a baby. She embraced the old man and didn’t mind getting cozy with him for the photo.

Yara wrote, “Merry Christmas,” wishing 90 Day Fiancé fans the best. As expected, people returned her wish with sweet comments, telling her she gave Santa the best Christmas gift of the year. Someone even wrote, “Santa getting a little handsy,” highlighting how Santa grabbed Yara in the picture.

Montage of 90 Day Fiance's Yara Zaya in front of resort background

Yara also baffled her followers with her makeup in the picture. She looked remarkable but very different from her usual self, making some social media users wonder if she had undergone makeover surgery. An Instagram user asked, “why did you get so much work done on your face,” adding that a gorgeous woman like Yara shouldn’t do it. Another user commented, “omg Yara are you becoming another Darcey and Stacey?” Yara didn’t let unaware people spread rumors. She responded to the concerns and revealed it was only cosmetics and nothing else. She said, “I hade noting done, omg people,” adding that she knew how to do makeup.

While people shouldn’t be telling Yara not to have cosmetic procedures, it’s understandable why they do so. Fans have watched the Ukrainian reality star over the last few years and relate to her struggles. They know she has felt insecure due to Jovi’s additions to strippers. However, fans also know Yara is among the most beautiful women ever appearing in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. They don’t want her to change her face because she’s perfect the way she is. Yara’s loyal fans simply want the best for her and don’t want her to lose her natural beauty because of her insecurities.

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