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90 Day Fiancé’s Yara, Jovi Reveal Spooky Halloween Makeover With Mylah Amid Marriage Problems

Despite struggling with marital issues, Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren from 90 Day Fiancé celebrate Halloween with their daughter in their spooky costumes.

  • ara and Jovi from 90 Day Fiancé dressed up as The Adams Family characters for Halloween, impressing viewers with their attention to detail.
  •  Despite their relationship issues, Yara and Jovi have always enjoyed dressing up with their daughter and creating sweet memories together.
  •  The couple’s lack of trust and communication has been a recurring problem, and seeking therapy on a reality TV show may not have been the best decision for them.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren from 90 Day Fiancé unveiled their Halloween 2023 makeover on social media. The well-known pair is most popular for their tumultuous relationship on different spin-offs. Most recently, the couple appeared on 90 Day: The Last Resort, sparking breakup rumors through on-screen drama. One of the latest episodes showcased Yara confronting Jovi about texting a stripper while visiting a nearby strip club. As expected, the American man had no answer or excuse, which led his Ukrainian wife to toss her drink in his face.

Jovi and Yara had too many relationship issues on the show. However, it seems like the couple have found a way around their problems and stayed together. Recently, Yara and Jovi posted a haunting Halloween photoshoot from a graveyard, dressed up as The Adams Family characters.

Jovi sported a grey blazer and black shirt alongside a light mustache to look like a modern version of Gomez Addams. Yara wore an all-black long outfit with dark hair, looking like the exact copy of Morticia Addams. The pair also dressed their daughter, Mylah, as Gomez and Morticia’s daughter, Wednesday Addams. The trio looked amazing in their costumes.

90 Day Fiancé Stars React To Yara & Jovi’s Costumes

Montage of 90 Day Fiance's Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya with pink background

Jovi and Yara looked incredibly close to the fictional characters and impressed 90 Day Fiancé viewers with their cosplaying skills. A social media user commented, “best post possibly ever.” Another commented, “yall pull this off better than most.” 90 Day Fiancé stars also shared their opinions on the makeover, with almost everyone praising Jovi and Yara for their attention to detail. Kenny Niedermeier claimed the Halloween dress-up was “perfect,” while Elizabeth Potthast claimed she loved it. Veronica Rodriguez also commented, “y’all look so cute and omg Mylah with that wig too cute!”

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Yara and Jovi have always entertained their followers with their off-screen actions. Last year, the pair dressed up as various characters on different days. They became the Grinch family, sported an Egyptian costume, and dressed their daughter, Mylah, up as Snow White. In 2021, the two became Ken and Barbie, years before the movie came out. Clearly, Jovi and Yara loved dressing up with their daughter and giving her sweet memories. The two may not be the best and most compatible duo, but they are excellent parents who know how to raise their girl.

Jovi and Yara’s main issues have always been a lack of trust and communication. Jovi is often afraid or ashamed of himself for visiting the strip clubs and drinking, so he tries to hide it from his wife. Yara has no faith in Jovi and tries to inspire him to be a better man. Recently, the pair joined the reality TV show to seek therapy, which was probably another bad decision. The 90 Day Fiancé couple should have kept their problems private and sought professional help instead of turning their relationship issues into a public affair.

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