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90 Day Fiancé’s Sophie Moved Out After Fight With Rob

90 day's Sophie has moved out and we have all the sordid details.

It seems Sophie moved out after a fight with Rob, who is her partner. Remember, her partner Rob did all he could to make his place comfy for her. But right from the jump, she hated it. She hated everything about it, and she made that very clear. It’s almost as if she wants a better quality of life without having to do anything to get it. She was always complaining how small his place was and how he had only one bathroom. Now, remember he lived alone up to then, so one bathroom makes a great deal of sense. But things between these two have always been kind of odd.

For one, when asked what drew Rob to Sophie, he solely talks about her looks. Nothing about her personality or intelligence. Just that she was the hottest woman he had ever been with. Sophie, on the other hand, is clearly looking for a sugar daddy, even if she won’t come right out and say it. Sophie moved out, and no one was surprised.

Via Sophie’s Instagram

So these two met online when Sophie was looking for a man, and they hit it off immediately. All seemed copasetic at first, but when she went on to visit him, she started talking smack about his place right away. Sophie moved out after fighting with Rob, but we can’t help but think Rob must be relieved.

From the place being too small to smelling bad, she just said whatever came to mind. While that would turn most people off, Rob just kind of rolled with it. It finally got to the point when it was too much, and Sophie found her own place in L.A. Sophie moved out after a fight with Rob, and now she can have as many bathrooms as she wants. Keep in mind that they have not announced a breakup, but many folks think one happened, regardless.

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