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90 Day Fiancé’s Rob Warne Claims He Went “From Rags To Riches” In Christmas Post

Rob Warne tries to make 90 Day Fiancé viewers laugh by poking fun at his financial situation. He has shared some AI-generated photos with a storyline.


  •  Rob Warne, from 90 Day Fiancé season 10, posted a Christmas-themed Instagram album showcasing his journey from “Rags To Riches.”
  •  Fans had a mixed reaction to Rob’s post, with some impressed by his idea and others criticizing it as a cheap attempt to improve his image after his past behavior on the show.
  •  While Rob’s post may be cool, it doesn’t reflect reality, and he hasn’t shown how he actually went from rags to riches. Critics still see him as a villain.

Recently, Rob took to his Instagram to shut down the critics who had called him worthless on social media. He posted a Christmas-themed photo album with a few modeling shots and AI-generated pictures. In the album, he showcased his “journey from rags to riches.”

The first photo showed him freezing in the snow without a shirt, while the next few showed him getting progressively wealthier. The final few pictures showed Rob holding money and enjoying a tropical vacation. He looked seemingly happy amid the rumors that Sophie had left him due to his past infidelity.

Fans React To Rob’s Funny Christmas Post

Sophie Sierra and Robert Warne from 90 Day Fiance, smiling against a black background

90 Day Fiancé fans had a mixed reaction to Rob’s post. Some felt impressed by his Christmas album idea, while others thought it was his cheap attempt at making himself look better. A social media user commented, “nice AI photos. Very clever idea of showcasing your life’s journey in a Christmas theme.” Another user wrote, “merry christmas to one of the handsomest faces on tv.” A few people also made fun of Rob and his apartment that didn’t have a bathroom. Someone stated, “when you have to go to the bathroom on Christmas,” poking fun at the reality TV star.

It’s understandable why fans have a mixed reaction to Rob’s post. Over the weeks, the 32-year-old man hasn’t done anything notable to redeem himself. He has mistreated Sophie on the show, disregarded her concerns, and cheated on her. Now, Rob’s showing off his journey from rags to riches. He probably thinks making a fancy post would improve his social media image. However, many fans still aren’t over his toxic behavior on the show. It would take a long time for Rob to reinvent his image. Until then, critics will call him out on social media because he’s a villain in their eyes.

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Rob’s post is certainly cool, but it doesn’t depict reality. Anyone can make AI-generated content with a few prompts and a button press. However, it doesn’t turn fiction into reality. Rob has still not shown how he went from rags to riches in real life. He rarely talks about his career milestones or whether he has improved himself. Many viewers speculate that Sophie would likely leave him after the show. The new 90 Day Fiancé cast member must work extra hard to get a happy ending and turn his AI dream into reality.

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