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90 Day Fiancé’s Paul & Karine Didn’t Fake Disappearance (Clues That Show It Was All Real)

Since Paul Staehle from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise is famous for making poor choices; it's possible that he actually went missing in Brazil.

It’s believed that Paul Staehle and Karine Martins from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise faked the disappearance drama, but a few details suggest otherwise. 40-year-old Paul went viral on social media in early September 2023. At the time, rumors of his sudden disappearance surfaced all over the internet, making people curious. Paul’s estranged wife Karine then posted a concerning goodbye note on social media, causing even more concern online. She implied that something had happened to Paul in Brazil.

It was unclear what happened to Paul in Brazil and why he wasn’t posting online. People had nothing but to take Karine’s word for it and believe that Paul may have passed away. Soon after Karine’s concerning stories, a blogger posted the alleged conversation between Paul and his mom, Mary. The texts hinted that Paul was stuck somewhere and needed help. Various authorities were then allegedly looped into the drama as the search for Paul began. However, Paul then anti-climatically reappeared online, stating he wasn’t missing in Brazil. He claimed his mother assumed the worst, which snowballed into a public situation.

Paul & Karine Won’t Want Bad Press To Protect Their Sons

Karine Martins, Her Kids & Paul Staehle's Mother on 90 Day Fiance

While Paul and Karine have been a part of various scandals over the years, the Brazil disappearance drama doesn’t seem like something they intentionally did. Over the months, Paul and Karine have been trying to regain custody of their sons. They know a bad reputation can easily cause them to lose the case and their kids and would never try to sabotage their chances. The two would want to stay away from bad press, which means they had no reason to fake Paul’s disappearance.

Paul Is Infamous For Making Poor Choices

Paul claimed that he didn’t go missing in Brazil. He was simply with a fan, and their boat malfunctioned, leaving them stranded. He didn’t have a charger or a good signal in the area, which caused his mother to assume the worst. It seems Paul struggled due to his poor choice, which isn’t new. Over the years, he has proved to excel at making terrible choices. Paul has a criminal history due to his carelessness and various wild videos of running away from the cameras.

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Karine Wanted Nothing To Do With Paul

Karine and Paul montage from 90 Day Fiance

Karine would never be an accomplice in Paul’s disappearance drama, plus she lives in the U.S. away from Paul. Karine doesn’t talk to him much nor cares for what he is up to in Brazil. Karine wants to become a better person and regain custody of her kids. Soon after Paul reappeared, Karine made a statement, claiming she had “nothing to do with this.” Karine said, “he and I don’t have contact but I worry.” It seems that the 90 Day Fiancé franchise star didn’t fake his disappearance with the help of his estranged wife.

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