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90 Day Fiancé’s Mary Demasu-ay Runs Into Major Roadblock As She Seeks New Job

90 Day Fiancé star Mary Demsasu-ay is struggling financially. She doesn't even have the money to buy herself a gadget she needs for a new job.

  • Mary Demasu-ay, from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, is facing challenges in making a living in the Philippines and is now looking for job opportunities.
  •  Mary might be able to get a call center job, but she needs a laptop to work from home, which she currently doesn’t have.
  •  Mary and her husband Brandan have struggled financially with their small grocery store and online business, while Brandan seems more focused on video games than supporting their family.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Mary Demasu-ay’s latest social media update reveals that she’s hit a major roadblock while trying to make a living in the Philippines. Brandan and Mary grabbed headlines for their toxic long-distance relationship where they stayed on video calls 24/7, even when they ate, slept, or took a shower. Brandan moved to the Philippines in The Other Way season 5 with $300 in his savings account. He had already spent $60,000 on building a house for Mary. He made her drop out of her dance group because of her friendship with a man in that group. Mary ended up losing her college scholarship and, eventually, couldn’t find a job.

However, Mary revealed that she might get to work despite her lack of educational qualifications. Mary posted an Instagram Story (as shared by MangoSmooothie on Reddit) about her discovering “lots of job opportunities.

Mary wrote that she could get a call center job. The job could be in a work-from-home setting. “I am qualified,” Mary added. There was one major problem that was stopping Mary from applying for these jobs. She would need a laptop to be able to work from home, and she doesn’t have one. Mary is now being accused of “dry begging by 90 Day Fiancé fans. “Find a company that provides the tools you need, like they’re supposed to. Grifter,” commented MilkshakeMolly.

What Jobs Have 90 Day Fiancé’s Brandan & Mary Had In The Past?

Brandan and Mary from 90 day fiance sitting together and talking in front of pink background

Mary and Brandan decided they would open a small grocery store outside their house in Candoni, where they could sell snacks and groceries to kids from a nearby school. They shopped at a local Sari-Sari store for the products to stock up in their store. Mary’s grandmother owned a similar store when Mary was young. That’s where she got the idea from. Mary and Brandan were not making a lot of profits with their new business. When they picked up items worth 470 Philippine Pesos ($8.60), they wished to sell them at 500 Philippine Pesos ($9.16) to make a profit of $0.56.

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Their poor knowledge of business revealed how good Mary and Brandan were with money. Moreover, Mary also took a debt of 60,000 Philippine Pesos ($1,098) from her friends. They weren’t able to repay the debt even after several months. Mary then began reselling cell phones to locals. The couple also launched an online store, where they sold bracelets and boxes of Filipino snacks. It was Mary who was at least trying to find a way to make money. Brandan, meanwhile, spent most of his time sleeping or playing video games on his phone. Mary noticed the change in his behavior ever since she told him she was pregnant.

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