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90 Day Fiancé’s Kimberly Rochelle ‘Not Excited To Get Married’

Getting yelled at and being poorly treated by your fiancé’s family would certainly make anyone feel less enthusiastic about the wedding. And that’s precisely what Kimberly Rochelle, 30 years old, from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, is feeling now. The native Alabama resident told her parents she isn’t eager to marry her Indian partner Tejaswi Goswami, TJ, anymore because of his family and their cultural differences.

Even though she was able to work out some of her differences with her partner, Kimberly can’t seem to get on the good side of TJ’s family or adapt to his culture. In a previous episode, you can see TJ’s mom completely freaked out when Kimberly wore ripped jeans to a family gathering – a definite no-no in Indian culture.

Culture shock

In a preview clip for Episode 10, Kimberly shared her feelings with her parents. She got emotional, sharing how TJ’s family has been bashing her for her individuality and culture because it didn’t fit their own, even mentioning how his brother calls her “stupid” and “trash” because of it.

Kimberly added that it’s awful because TJ’s family wants her to live with them, but they don’t want her to be herself. She choked up and admitted that she isn’t looking forward to being a part of TJ’s family anymore, and revealed, “I’m not excited to get married.”

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Her dad tried to lift her spirits and said she could still postpone the wedding to work things out with TJ.” He even reassured her that Kimberly doesn’t have to stay in a bad situation if they can’t work it out.

Building bridges

Truthfully, while it was sad to see Kimberly so desolate, it’s also important to note that she is also playing a part in her current situation. When two very different cultures come together, comprise and communication are essential, and bridges have to be built.

Kimberly doesn’t seem willing to embrace TJ’s culture and just feels victimized that his parents want her to follow Indian customs. Understandably, she feels upset that she can’t “be herself,” but a marriage is about two people, which means opening yourself up to more than yourself.

For TJ and his family’s part, it also isn’t fair for them to expect Kimberly to acclimate immediately. They have to be willing to meet her in the middle. And that doesn’t seem to be the case as they’ve judged her from the day she arrived. Their rude behavior has also alienated her and made her more resistant to embracing their customs.

Honestly, these two need to postpone and take it slowly if they really want to make it work.

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