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90 Day Fiancé’s Kelly Is Lashing Out At Molly (And Her New Boyfriend)

90 Day Fiancé's Kelly Brown has nothing nice left to say about his ex-girlfriend Molly Hopkins, who reportedly has a new boyfriend after their split.

  • Molly and Kelly’s relationship ended due to unhealthy stressors, challenges, and odd aggressive behavior, confirmed by Molly’s representative.
  •  Molly is rumored to be dating a “Prison Kingpin,” who is married to someone else and joined her at the resort during the filming of 90 Day: The Last Resort.
  •  Kelly accuses Molly of cheating on him with several others and claims she used him and her ex-business partner, questioning her authenticity and seriousness in relationships.

Molly and Kelly joined the cast of 90 Day: The Last Resort. The show was filmed in January 2023. Molly and Kelly wanted to fix their relationship. Molly complained that the problems in their relationship started after Kelly moved to Georgia after retirement. Molly expected Kelly to be more of a man and not laze around at home, claiming he had no respect for her as a mother and business owner. Molly was not getting her emotional needs fulfilled by Kelly; meanwhile, he was hurt by Molly telling him that she didn’t love him. The couple ended up admitting that the relationship had run its course and parted ways with a hug.

Why Did Molly & Kelly Split?

Montage of Molly Hopkins and Kelly Bown from 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort

Kelly and Molly sparked split rumors started circulating in December 2022. Molly had a falling out with her best friend Cynthia Decker, in November 2022, and fans suspected Molly was also no longer with Kelly. Kelly added fuel to the fire by unfollowing Molly on Instagram. He began posting stories about toxic relationships. The couple had also spent their holidays apart. Eventually, in February 2023, Molly’s rep confirmed she and Kelly had split around Thanksgiving 2022. In Touch reported the couple called it quits because of “unhealthy stressors, challenges, and odd aggressive behavior.”

Who Is Molly’s Rumored Boyfriend?

Instagram blogger Merry Pants posted a photo of Molly with her rumored boyfriend on October 8, 2023. The man is referred to as “Prison Kingpin” and is apparently married to someone else. He was in prison and reportedly married his longtime sweetheart, with whom he shares a child, a year after he was released. The report mentioned that Molly’s alleged boyfriend joined her at the resort in January 2023, when Kelly left. They seem to have attended several events together, including one in September 2023. The two had seemingly met at the Atlanta Women’s Expo in late 2022 while Molly was still dating Kelly.

kikiankibbitz on Instagram posted a clip of Molly from 90 Day: The Last Resort, where she spoke about the kind of man she was looking for. The video also had a clip of Molly’s rumored boyfriend, “Prison KingPin.” Kelly had something to say in the comments (via Merry Pants.) “I feel for his family.. to find out this way. She can’t even be real with herself. She used me and her ex business partner” Kelly wrote. He continued, “She can’t be in a serious relationship when she’s entertaining the community.” Kelly accused Molly of cheating on him with “several others.

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She was force[d] to do the show now? Yeah ok,” Kelly continued. He mentioned how he and Molly were not even an original couple. They were replacements for Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra after Colt was in an accident while filming. “I bet she didn’t even know he was married either right? Married with a record is what she value (speaks volumes),” Kelly said in his conclusion. 90 Day: The Last Resort season 1 fans who are supporting Kelly think it’s Molly’s loss. They are hoping for Kelly to find someone who’s as loving as he seemingly is.

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