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90 Day Fiancé’s Jasmine Doesn’t Want To Get Married To Gino Anymore

90 Day Fiancé star Jasmine Pineda makes a shocking decision. The Panamanian woman has decided she won't be marrying Gino Palazzolo anymore.

  •  In a preview of 90 Day Fiancé season 10, Jasmine Pineda reveals she will not be marrying Gino Palazzolo, citing his constant lying and anger issues as reasons for ending the relationship.
  •  Gino defends his actions, claiming his strip club visit was a harmless “fun night out” with family, while Jasmine insists he cheated on her.
  •  Despite their tumultuous relationship, Jasmine’s Instagram posts suggest that she is still in the U.S., enjoying her life and making new friends.

90 Day Fiancé star Jasmine Pineda shockingly revealed that she will not be getting married to Gino Palazzolo anymore. Jasmine moved to the U.S. on a K-1 visa. Jasmine previously starred in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days seasons 5 and 6 while she had a relationship full of ups and downs with Gino. Jasmine’s wasteful spending habits and her jealousy towards Gino’s exes created tensions between them. Moreover, both Gino and Jasmine kept secrets from each other. Jasmine was trying to get over Gino not having a job when she found lip gloss in his car.

Gino’s sister-in-law Michelle, told Jasmine about Gino throwing a secret bachelor party in a strip club in the previous episode. As per a preview video shared by ETJasmine will confront Gino about his party in the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 10.

Gino tells Jasmine that he was having a “fun night out” with his family before she came to America. “Why are you so upset about that?” he asks. Jasmine tells Gino it’s his attitude, which has been the same for three years, that upsets her. “I always have to discover stuff from other people,” she says while pointing out Gino’s careless expression. I don’t wanna marry you, says Jasmine.

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Montage of 90 Day Fiancé's Jasmine Pineda with an American flag background

Jasmine is upset because Gino is lying to her “all the time.” She decides that she needs a ticket to go back to Panama. “I’m not joking, Gino,” she says. “I can’t marry someone that gets upset and angry like you. You’re way overreacting,” Gino responds. He thinks Jasmine needs to get some “help.” Gino is cool and composed when he tells Jasmine she is unnecessarily getting upset over a once-in-a-lifetime “stupid” bachelor party. However, Jasmine has made up her mind to return home because she feels Gino cheated on her. She takes off her ring and throws it on the floor in front of him.

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Jasmine asks Gino to give the ring to someone else. “I don’t want you here,” Gino says. Jasmine tells the cameras that she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. “I don’t wanna be here,” she says. Interestingly, Jasmine’s Instagram posts on both her accounts confirm she is still in America. Jasmine has been sharing photos and videos of her daily life on social media for her fans to enjoy. While Jasmine does spend most of her time working out, she’s been traveling a lot and making new friends in the U.S. She enjoys her trips to Starbucks and shows off her natural hair in a sleek long bob.

It hasn’t been confirmed if Jasmine and Gino reconciled after the fight and got married during 90 Day Fiancé season 10. Jasmine herself has been keeping a major secret from Gino. She didn’t tell him about the money she took from her ex-boyfriend Dane to get butt implants. Jasmine has accused Gino of cheating on her twice so far. The first time around, Gino convinced her to stay by assuring her he didn’t know who the lip gloss belonged to. Jasmine might just be able to forgive Gino for visiting a strip club as long as he convinces her that he didn’t do anything naughty.

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