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90 Day Fiance: Yohan Geronimo Spills Shocking Reason He Had To Marry Daniele! [True Face Revealed]

Yohan Geronimo and Daniele Gates’ marital issues don’t seem to end so soon. The couple have been butting heads for a long time over a baby. The former star wants his partner to conceive naturally, but that’s not possible considering her age. Now, the 90 Day Fiance stars are making the rounds of a fertility clinic to fulfill their dream.

However, Daniele is unsure if her husband is ready to take on the responsibilities or not. On the other hand, fans have been calling out Yohan, a green card chaser, for marrying the American native. Finally, the TLC celeb revealed the real reason for marrying his lady love. 

90 Day Fiance: Yohan Opens About The Dream Daniele Promised For Him!

Yohan and Daniele always appeared as the most mismatched couple on the show. They rose to fame only because of their problematic storyline. Recently, he revealed his true intentions in front of his friend Alberto.

The 90 Day Fiance celeb revealed that his wife wanted to live in the Dominican Republic. As per Screenrant, Daniele promised him that they would have a good life. But the TLC celeb cannot see the world the American star promised him.

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Meanwhile, Yohan mocked Danielle and told his friends that all he got in his one-year marriage was a dog, and he turned into the dog’s babysitter. Further, Yohan’s friend believes that he should be living like a king.

However, Yohan is fine with his wife living in the DR with him. But he wants her to contribute to having a “good life” and fulfill her promises. Also, the reality TV celebrity stated that his wife has known his financial condition since the start.

Geronimo stated that he worked hard to live in the DR all his life and still has nothing on his name. The TLC star is tired of living a life to struggle for a house or pay the rent. Further, he claimed. “I married an American woman to stay here and have nothing? That’s like a horror story.”

90 Day Fiance: Yohan & Daniele Plan To Start A Business Together!

Daniele and Yohan showcased their turbulent storyline on the show. However, they always find out ways to put aside their issues for the sake of their love. The former opened a butcher shop in the previous season of 90 Day Fiance.

However, the shop closed down soon as the owner needed the place for office purposes. Daniele sat with her friends to discuss if her partner had any plans for the future. The TLC celeb stated that her husband has many plans and he wants to open a gym. Her fans suggested that it’s a great idea and she should partner with Yohan for the business.

Thankfully, Danielle agreed to her friend’s opinions and claimed that she wanted to be a yoga instructor at the gym. Further, Yohan was happy to hear the idea. However, his wife believes that he still has to learn a lot about business.

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