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90 Day Fiance: Yara Zaya’s Halloween Villian Costume Shocks Everyone! [See Picture]

Yara Zaya has gathered attention not only because of her storyline with Jovi Dufren on 90 Day Fiance but because of her fashion sense as well. Her Ukrainian beauty brought her into the limelight, and viewers can never get enough of her makeovers. The celeb often tries new attires and looks while the audience can’t stop gushing over her.

Recently, the same happened when fans were not able to take their eyes off Yara as she dressed up as a villain. She decided to add some drama to Halloween and made it to the headlines because of the same. What did the celeb wear? What did her costume look like?

90 Day Fiance: Yara Dresses As A Villain & Disney Character For Halloween

As the TRICK OR TREAT month is going on, Yara Zaya also decided to level up her fashion game and left the 90 Day Fiance viewers in disbelief. She loves to experiment with her looks, and it seems that Halloween is the perfect occasion to do so. Hence, Yara ended up surprising her audience with two completely different and dramatic makeovers.

In the first one, Yara decided to go for the Christmas villain, the Grinch. She wore an entire Santa Claus dress with a mask of the iconic character. The celeb danced in the clip and entertained her audience with her performance. This came after Zaya had already impressed her fans with a wholesome fairy look.

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Yara transformed herself into the famous Disney princess Tinker Bell. She sported a stunning green dress and added sparkly fairy wings. The 90 Day Fiance celeb showed off her slim figure, and fans couldn’t get enough of her beauty, like always!

Several fans took to the comment section and admitted that it was more of a “Yaraween” than Halloween. Someone praised her, “Every costume was a 10/10.” Another one added, “Halloween YARA is my favourite thing about this year!!!.” A 90 Day Fiance fan further wrote, “You are killing the costumes this year.”

90 Day Fiance: Yara Zara OFFICIALLY Says That Halloween Is Her Favorite

Yara Zaya didn’t leave a chance to surprise her viewers during this Halloween season. She showed off not one, not two, but many avatars of herself on social media. Amid all this, the 90 Day Fiance celeb took to Instagram and OFFICIALLY declared that Halloween was her favorite time of the year.

Yara explained how her neighborhood was decorated while every other person was creatively dressed in their best costumes. She even claimed that she is actually enjoying it more than her daughter, Mylah. Hence, the celeb wondered why this trend wasn’t all over the world and why Ukraine never had something sort of this.

Apparently, it was evident that Yara, along with Mylah and Jovi, debuted with numerous makeovers. Recently, the former shared a snap in which the couple was dressed as Barbie and Ken. This came after they posted pictures dressed as “The Adams Family.” In another instance, the entire family decided to go for the ‘Beauty and the Beast” concept.

Mylah was dressed as the lead, Belle, while Jovi opted to be the beast, and Yara was dressed up as the teapot! The latter revealed that this was her last Halloween costume, and it was clear that fans were in love with this makeover.

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