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90 Day Fiance: Will Jasmine & Gino Move To Miami Now?

Jasmine Pineda has been upset since she landed in Michigan. She never really liked the super cold weather of the state and considered it a frozen version of hell. The 90 Day Fiance celeb even felt that the noted state was dull and boring, opposite to where she was born and raised, i.e., Panama.

But it seems that Miami is the solution to all of Jasmine’s issues as she clearly loves the state. Her fondness for the place was evident and made the viewers wonder if she would soon shift to Miami forever. Is it possible?

90 Day Fiance: Is Jasmine Planning To Move To Miami Now?

Jasmine Pineda considers herself a mermaid who loves beaches and oceans. This is because she is a Panama native which has a tropical climate with a happening life. However, when she arrived in Michigan, she found the climate to be the complete opposite of her native land. It was heartbreaking for her.

However, it is evident that Jasmine’s personality is made for a place like Miami and not Michigan. During a recent 90 Day Fiance episode, Gino decided to take her on a vacation after many long explosive fights

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. He believed that the warm, hot, and sunny weather was something that could save his relationship now.


Apparently, it seems that Gino’s strategy completely worked! Jasmine was back in her character as she was quick to strip out her winter wear and started to soak the sun. She admitted that she is like a cactus who will collect as much sun energy as possible before she returns.

Jasmine even stated that it feels like “living the American dream in a Latin-American way.” Apparently, after witnessing her excitement, 90 Day Fiance viewers became sure that she would now insist on moving to Miami. The celeb has already planned to bring her sons and sister to the USA. So, Miami would be the best place for them as it has a touch of Panama in it.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Admits She Misses Her Family

Jasmine and Gino are on a much-required vacation. The 90 Day Fiance stars had been butting heads for a while now, and a holiday was the only thing that could have fixed their relationship. Though Pineda wanted to go to Hawaii, Gino ended up winning her heart by taking her to Miami.

After reaching Miami, Jasmine became a bit nostalgic. She was in love with her surroundings and was reminded of her time in Panama. The celeb explained to Gino how she really misses being around her family and recalled her happy moments. The latter was quick to assure her that he would do everything under his control to bring her sons to America.

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Though Jasmine was really missing her family, she didn’t leave a chance to enjoy in Miami. She started to speak Spanish with her cab driver and had a great conversation about the same with him. The celeb even seemed to be really impressed when the latter told her about the best things about Miami. She also took a dig at Gino for not knowing Spanish like the cab driver.

So, there is a fair chance that Gino would soon have to uproot his life from Michigan for the sake of his fiance.

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