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90 Day Fiance: Will Dallas & Kalani Star In A New Season?

Kalani Faagata recently appeared on 90 Day Fiance: The Last Resort with her estranged husband, Asuelu Pulaa. The latter burned the midnight oil to win back the love of his wife. However, it was evident that it was too late to mend fences now. Hence, the most wholesome couple ended up parting ways.

After all this, viewers are now wondering if Kalani and her new beau, Dallas Nuez, would return for another season or not. Recently, the latter made a shocking revelation and confessed if he would ever join the franchise or not. What did he disclose?

90 Day Fiance: Will Dallas Join The Franchise With Kalani?

Kalani Faagata has been a part of the reality TV realm for a while now. Her relationship with Asuelu gained attention, and she ended up becoming everyone’s favorite. Hence, the 90 Day Fiance celeb appeared in several spinoffs because of the same.

As of now, Kalani has decided to continue her life with her hall pass guy, Dallas Nuez. She has officially announced the same and has been gushing over her new beau for a while now. This made the viewers wonder if the matriarch would consider reappearing on the show with Dallas now.

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Recently, Dallas did a Q&A session and talked about his future plans and whether he would ever consider joining 90 Day Fiance or not. A user requested him to appear on the show, to which Nuez ended up revealing something really shocking.

Dallas was quick to state that joining the franchise would be a “no” for him. He thanked the viewer for praising Kalani’s happiness but made it clear that he wasn’t aiming to be a part of the show at all. Fans were in shock as many of them believed that Nuez was perhaps with Faagata only for stardom and fame.

Hence, for now, it seems that Dallas wants to keep his romance lowkey and enjoy his life with Kalani. However, fans are wondering if he would ever change his mind or not.

90 Day Fiance: How Did Kalani Meet Dallas? Who Is He?

Kalani Faagata got a chance to explore when Asuelu gave her the so-called “hall pass” opportunity. She found Dallas and ended up forming an emotional bond with him to the extent that it jeopardized her full-fledged marriage with her husband.

Amid all this, fans started to wonder how Kalani actually got her hands on Dallas! During the recent Q&A session, the latter finally confessed that he met the former because of “social media.” He further explained that Faagata makes him feel good about himself even when he is a “self-conscious” person.

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As per the source, Dallas is a 28-year-old man who doesn’t have any kids and is from “Garden Groove, California.” He works in a private security corporation that is based in California. The celeb further revealed his ethnicity and said he is from Kahuku, Hawaii, and Ormoc, Leyte, in The Philippines.

Several reports have even claimed that Dallas has already introduced Kalani to his family and is on the verge of moving in with her as well. Moreover, it seems that he has now formed a great bond with the latter’s sons, as one of them was recently spotted saying “I Love You” to him.

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