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90 Day Fiance: Where Is Patrick Mendes Now?

Every time a reality star’s journey on their show ends, fans become curious. They want to know how the stars are fairing in the real world. Fans also want to keep track of any new updates in the star’s life. And now, after Season 9 of 90 Day Fiance ended, people want to know what Patrick Mendes is up to.

Patrick was on the show with his Brazilian ‘love’ Thais Ramone. So, is the couple still together? What is Patrick doing these days? Read the article to know.

90 Day Fiance: How Is Patrick Mendes’s Life After Season 9?

Patrick Mendes first made his TV appearance on 90 Day Fiance Season 9. He was in love with his Brazilian partner, Thais Ramone. They met when the former was looking on a dating app for a Portuguese teacher. Patrick and Thais were an engaged couple after 11 months of dating. Then, she moved to the US to be with him.

However, the couple’s journey wasn’t without its obstacles. Patrick hadn’t revealed his income to Thais, and that bothered her. The living arrangement was also problematic since Patrick’s brother lived with them. Speaking about family problems, Thais’s dad disapproved of Patrick. However, the pair successfully walked down the aisle on Feb 22, 2022.

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Patrick has had a lot going on since his TV appearance. He also starred in Pillow Talk with his brother, John McMaris. There is also a ‘new’ addition to his family. Patrick is now a dad! The star’s wife, Thais, had announced the pregnancy on the Tell-All. Patrick had also announced the baby’s birth on November 15, 2023. In a joint statement with Thais, Patrick revealed they had a baby daughter. The couple named her Alessi Ramone Mendes.

Patrick has also been working on himself. The 90 Day Fiance star once weighed 299lbs. Both Patrick and Thais wanted to lose weight and the couple has worked hard. Thais started working out after having the baby and lost 30 pounds. However, Patrick wasn’t really satisfied with his current status. So, the star took fitness classes. He was down to 210 lb, and now he tries to “stay around 230-240lbs”.

90 Day Fiance: Patrick Embraces The Family Life

90 Day Fiance star Patrick had once been a married man before Thais. He was married to a weightlifter working for the FBI. However, she might have felt Patrick wasn’t as involved in the marriage as in his job. So, she applied for a divorce in January 2020. Cut to February 22, 2022, Patrick began a new journey with Thais. However, this time, he is happier and more mindful.

The star is a complete family man now. Patrick is a sales manager and a recruiter for a smart home security company. But he is still very much a family man. He even keeps sharing photos and videos of his dear wife and child.

In a recent Halloween post, the star had posed with his wife and daughter. The family dressed up as the Flintstone family from the TV show The Flintstones. Patrick was Fred Flintsone and Thais was Wilma. However, baby Alessi looked the cutest as Pebbles. Patrick’s little girl Alessi also had a major milestone in October as she turned 11 months old! For more such news

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