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90 Day Fiancé: What Medical Condition Does Sophie Have?

90 Day Fiancé star Sophie Sierra is revealing a big secret on season 10. She had a life-threatening illness, which means she might never have a baby.

  •  Sophie sacrificed her life of luxury and moved in with Rob, but he has been dishonest and unfaithful, causing tension in their relationship.
  •  Rob assumed they both wanted kids, but Sophie revealed she doesn’t want to be pregnant because of a medical condition involving a teratoma cyst.
  •  Sophie had a serious surgery to remove the cyst and there is a possibility it affected her eggs, leading her to accept that she may never want to get pregnant.

90 Day Fiancé star Sophie Sierra has a medical condition that is going to majorly affect the future of her relationship with Rob Warne in season 10. Fashion influencer and model Sophie met Rob, a model and actor, on Instagram. Two and a half years later, they began filming the reality TV show after Sophie’s K-1 visa was approved. Sophie moved from a swanky London flat into Rob’s apartment that didn’t even have a bathroom in it. Sophie made a huge sacrifice by giving up her life of luxury for Rob, who’s not even being honest with Sophie in their storyline.

Rob has cheated on Sophie in the past while the couple was staying in different countries during the COVID-19 lockdown. Sophie also caught Rob ogling a woman dressed in skimpy shorts on Instagram when she was standing right next to him. Rob tried to paint Sophie as the bad guy by accusing her of using Bumble when she was just trying to find friends with it. He also tried to make Sophie look entitled for wanting a decent home with indoor plumbing, and now, he’s found a new reason to make her look like a villain. What Rob doesn’t know is that Sophie doesn’t deliberately not want his baby. She can’t help it.

Sophie Declared She Doesn’t Want A Baby With Rob

Sophie met Rob’s sister, Victoria, in the latest episode, where Victoria asked her a question that could change Rob’s decision to marry Sophie. Victoria wanted to know if Rob and Sophie had discussed having babies once they got married. Rob said they had and answered for both of them by saying, “Yeah we want to have kids.” But Sophie stopped Rob from continuing by revealing they had never touched base on the topic. Sophie admitted that she didn’t want to be pregnant. Her reply took Rob by surprise. Sophie asked Rob if he had an issue with her not having kids, and he did. Sophie admitted she thought they were on the same page.

Sophie Had A Teratoma Cyst When She Was 15 Years Old

Sophie and Rob from 90DF

When Rob got offended by Sophie’s admission and walked out of the restaurant he was sitting in with Sophie and Victoria, his wife-to-be revealed a big secret. Sophie was scared about whether she could even have kids. When Sophie was 15 years old, she was told that she had a teratoma cyst in her left ovary. A teratoma or ovarian dermoid cyst is a fluid-filled sac containing tissue from one’s hair, skin, teeth, or other body parts. According to WebMd, they can be found in a person’s ovaries, testicles, tailbone, or even in the abdomen and nervous system.

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The longer these remain in one’s body, the greater the chances of them becoming cancerous. They are a type of germ cell tumor that starts in reproductive cells such as eggs and sperm. ClevelandClinic notes that germ cells are the only cells in your body that can turn into many other types of cells. It’s why a tumor in the germ cells can turn into different types of tissue and can contain pieces of other body parts such as teeth or hair. Sophie could have shown symptoms such as abdominal pain or pelvic pain leading to her diagnosis. Complications such as torsion, rupture, infection, or cancer can arise.

Sophie Would Have Died Without Surgery

Sophie and Robert from 90 Day Fiance, smiling

Sophie said that she could have died if doctors hadn’t found the cyst on time. Doctors can suggest removing the teratoma through surgery if it has spread, is already cancerous, or has a chance of becoming cancerous. Sophie said her condition was “quite serious” and that she needed surgery. Sophie still has scars on her stomach from the operation. Sophie’s doctors told her that there was a possibility that it would mess up her eggs. Sophie had wanted to be a mom one day, but being told that left her feeling devastated. Sophie decided it was easier for her to accept that she might never want to get pregnant.

Sophie said Robert asked her about her scars, but she never told him that the teratoma affected her eggs. Sophie thinks of it as a personal matter, and she doesn’t tell anyone that she doesn’t want kids because of a medical issue. Sophie may have assumed that Rob would think her surgery scars meant it affected her ability to have kids. However, since the 90 Day Fiancé couple never broached the subject of kids, Sophie never opened up about her tumor scare, and Rob didn’t bother finding out how serious her condition had been.

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