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90 Day Fiance: Wayne Doesn’t Want To Stay Married To Holly Anymore?

Reality TV is full of drama. Everything is highly exaggerated and over the top. And the audience loves this entertainment. TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is one such show. When the Americans shift to their lover’s country, drama happens.

Holly shifted to South Africa to be with Wayne. Wayne and her married just a few weeks after Holly’s arrival. But since the marriage, things haven’t been as smooth sailing for them as they thought. Fans even saw them discuss moving to the US. The discussion ended in an argument. And now, on a tell-all, things may have deteriorated further. Wayne might not want to continue their marriage after Holly’s “four-month” long US trip.

90 Day Fiance: Does Wayne Want To End His & Holly’s Marriage?

After living in South Africa for some time, Holly couldn’t take it anymore. The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star was lonely and had nothing to do. So, she asked Wayne if he’d consider moving to the US with her. And from there, it was all downhill for the couple.

Now, in the Tell All episode, Wayne opened up about having doubts regarding his marriage. Mainly, he might not want to continue being with Holly. The American native has been in the US for “four months” now. Holly and Wayne appeared on the tell-all episode as a couple.

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90 Day Fiance

The host, Shaun Robinson, had asked Wayne what he thought about their marriage. She asked him if he wanted to end their marriage, and Wayne replied – “Yeah…I don’t know”. Wayne then bowed his head to look at the ground. Wayne has had such a thought previously as well.

During one of the couple’s arguments about the ‘US shift,’ Wayne had said the same thing. The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star was angry. So, he let out that sometimes he wished they hadn’t married. He felt that then things wouldn’t have been so complicated. However, his statement shocked Holly. She got angry, called Wayne an “idiot,” and walked away from the argument.

90 Day Fiance: Holly Expresses Her Desire To Move Back To US, Wayne Worried

When Holly first moved to South America, she was worried for her safety. Wayne’s house had been broken into many times before. There was also a shortage of electricity and power cuts for hours at a time. So, the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way found a solution. She suggested they get a house in a gated community. However, Wayne had no money.

Now, Holly wants to move back to the US. She suggested that Wayne move with her, and they talked about it. After their discussion, Wayne visited his dad to discuss the situation. The TLC star opened up about not comprehending why Holly didn’t want to stay in South Africa. He also told his dad that he wasn’t so sure about wanting to go to the US.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

In the same episode, Wayne also expressed his concerns to Holly. However, this just upset her, as she felt she was the only one who “sacrificed” in their relationship. She was angry that Wayne never “compromised anything”. But then, Holly calmed down a little. She tried to soothe Wayne’s visa-related worries, saying the process wouldn’t take long.

But that wasn’t the end of the argument, as Wayne got frustrated. He mistakingly let out how he sometimes wished they had not married in the first place. Wayne explained that they wouldn’t have to deal with such complicated things. But poor Holly had had enough. She ended the argument by calling Wayne an “idiot” and walked out.

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