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90 Day Fiance: Was Violet Not Lying About Her Pregnancy?

Violet and Riley entered the show with their boring and strange storyline. They met during Before the 90 Days for the first time in person. However, the new 90 Day Fiance couple failed to turn heads with their problematic journey.

Violet wasn’t impressed with the actual looks of her partner and age during their first meeting. Similarly, Riley was disheartened with the way his girlfriend treated him. Also, he hired a private investigator to keep an eye on the Vietnamese single mom because he couldn’t trust her.

Fans were sure that the pair wouldn’t last long. However, everyone was shocked when Violet declared her pregnancy with her US partner. Do you think she lied?

90 Day Fiance: Fans Suspect That Violet Wasn’t Lying About Her Pregnancy!

Violet and Riley were never two peas in a pod. Fans witnessed their pointless arguments and their non-romantic relationship on screen. They barely touched each other onscreen and always maintained a distance. Hence, Violet’s pregnancy news came as a shock to everyone.

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Soon, 90 Day Fiance fans started mocking the 90 Day Fiance stars for their unexpected pregnancy. Even Riley joined the suit and posted a cryptic post about the great suspense. He also demanded a DNA test to confirm that he was the actual baby daddy. Hence, the reality TV celeb wasn’t ready to accept the news.

Now, it appears that fans are on Violet’s side during the ongoing conflicts. Some of them took to Reddit to support the TLC star. One fan commented, “I think it’s possible that Violet had a cycle (or 2) with very little or no bleeding.”

90 Day Fiance

A fan pointed out that the reality TV star, Violet, may have mistaken her delayed periods for pregnancy signs. Also, fans saw the truth in the eyes of Violet while she was crying during Tell-All. Another fan believes that the TLC celeb may have had the “beginning stages of perimenopause.”

The same fan noted that she may have had a false positive pregnancy test because of the higher HCG levels. Another big reason fans are on Violet’s side is that she had no other reasons. They believe that the TLC star is happy in her native land, so she has nothing to gain about lying.

90 Day Fiance: Riley Wants To Prove That He Is Father Of Violet’s Child!

90 Day Fiance stars Violet and Riley hogged the spotlight for their unusual storyline. The former never showed any kind of affection for her partner after meeting him in person. Now, it appears that Riley doubted if Violet was actually pregnant with his baby.

Recently, Riley was chatting with his friend Tiffanie. She asked if she was going to become an aunt. But he isn’t doesn’t look excited about the announcement at all. The American native claimed that they use medicines that leave only a 1% chance of making someone pregnant.

90 Day Fiance

Also, the future dad claimed that he is going to do the right thing with the child if he is the real baby daddy. Riley went on to express that he is not going to let his child grow up without his father.

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