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90 Day Fiance: Veronica Exposes Jamal! Says He Sucks At Communication

Veronica Rodriguez is back to share all about her dating life adventures on 90 Day Fiance’s new spin-off, The Single Life. In the previous season, she explored and didn’t end up with anyone. But she revealed in the Tell All about her blooming romance with Jamal Menzies. Fans know the latter as Kim Menzies’ son.

At first, viewers were thrown off by this reveal. That’s because there lies a 10 year age gap between them. Tim also intervened and said if his best friend Veronica wants to settle with someone seriously, then they should be near her age. But that didn’t stop her from exploring her relationship with Jamal even further. But now, Veronica has started facing issues.

90 Day Fiance: Jamal Doesn’t Communicate With Veronica! She Says He Sucks At It

Back when Veronica and Jamal confirmed their relationship on Tell All, everything was casual. They admitted being open and also seeing other people. This didn’t sit right with fans. But they have since changed their dynamics and become “exclusive.” The Single Life Season 4 has been depicting precisely that.

A new clip by ET had the stars from 90 Day Fiance spend time with eachother as Jamal made eggs. Veronica decided to confront him while saying he “sucks at” communication by rarely texting her back. He tried to justify it by saying that he isn’t much of a texter and he much rather prefers engaging with people when they are physically present in front of him.

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90 Day Fiance

But Jamal also understood why it might be a problem for Veronica. He realized she must think that he didn’t care about her. Yet he assured everyone that it wasn’t the case. Menzies also told Veronica he didn’t feel the need to communicate with her “24/7”. However, she said that it would be nice to know the things that had been going on in his life.

90 Day Fiance: Veronica Wants To Settle Down! Fears Breaking Up With Jamal Will Crush Her

Jamal and Veronica didn’t really reach a conclusion when she picked up their issue with communication. Many 90 Day Fiance fans reflected it could be because there is a generation gap between them. After all, they have a massive ten-year difference too. Yet, the latter was positive about their relationship. They did commit to one another after being casual.

Veronica and Jamal also started traveling from San Diego to Charlotte to make their long-distance relationship work. The former confirmed how she wanted to settle down “forever and ever” with someone. At the same time, she wishes for things to keep going well with her and Jamal. The star knew it was “worth the risk.”

90 Day Fiance

At last, Veronica said that it would “crush her” if Jamal ended up hurting her. How do you feel about this new couple’s blooming romance? Tell us in the comments

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