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90 Day Fiance: Usman Is Jealous Now That Kimberly Is Dating Riley??

90 Day Fiance star Usman Umar and Kim Menzies share a long and chaotic history together. They loved each other but couldn’t make their relationship last. Though they tried their best to stay friends even after their breakup, it seems that they couldn’t.

Amid all this, there have been rumors regarding Kimberly and another 90 Days star Riley’s love life. The two of them seem to be forming a connection. So, fans wonder what would be Usman’s reaction to this new romance.

People think that he would perhaps be happy for Kim as she was finally moving on in her life. But it seems that Sojaboy and Menzies aren’t on the same page. Recently, Usman finally reacted to Usman and Kim’s dating rumors and made some shocking revelations. Is he jealous now?

90 Day Fiance: Usman Reacts To Kimberly’s Dating Rumors With Riley!

Usman Umar soon moved on after parting ways with Kim. He dated Kiera for a while and even took a trip to the UK with her. However, it was evident that Menzies was still in her healing phase as she was trying to recover from her toxic relationship.

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But lately, Kimberly has made it to the headlines with her new romance rumors with Riley, another 90 Day Fiance cast member. Kim and Riley were spotted flirting in a live session, and their growing chemistry was evident.

They even seem to be like-minded people with less age gap. So, a possible storyline was in the eyes of the viewers. Amid all this, Usman ended up reacting to a post by a fan page named 90daythemelanatedway, which talked about Kim and Riley’s dating speculations.

Usman from 90 Day Fiance replied with three ‘laughing emojis.’ The fan page responded to him, “You snooze, you lose!.” The celeb was quick to write back, “I didn’t lose anything, I promise lol,” with three more laughing emojis.

Another user further slammed him for disrespecting Kim, to which Sojaboy tried to explain himself again. Usman claimed, “I never hate her, I always love her, I respected her.” He added that Kimberly is “loved” by him and his “family” more than “any circle in the world.”

Sojaboy explained how Menzies “feels at home” around his family. Sojaboy concluded by sarcastically adding, “What you see is what you get, and TLC let you see.” Kim ignored this conversation and didn’t heed what Usman was explaining to her supporters.

90 Day Fiance: Kim Menzies Slams Usman For Lying About Her!

90 Day Fiance star Kim Mezies has been enjoying her flirty conversations with Riley. Though she tried to explain that she is only friends with the latter, friends are sure that something is cooking.

Amid all this, viewers saw Usman reacting to her dating rumors and explaining how Menzines is still important to him and his family. She shocked the entire fan base with his confession. Apparently, this came after Kimberly already slammed him for lying about her to her exes.

Recently, she revealed that Sojaboy allegedly told Kiera that she was simply a “co-star on the show.” But everyone knows that they had dated around for three years consecutively.

Kim frankly stated, “The person who’s at fault for this is Usman, not me.” She stated that she has screenshots of everything with her on her phone. So she can prove all her claims.

Moreover, the celeb revealed that Usman even ended up lying to her regarding his relationship with Kiera. Hence, Menzies has already blocked him and isn’t allegedly in touch with him.

That is why Usman’s reaction and explanation about Kim was a surprise for the audience. Now, they are wondering what Kim and Sojaboy are up to these days.

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