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90 Day Fiancé: The 8 Worst Things Big Ed Brown’s Said About Liz, Exes & Castmates Ranked

90 Day Fiancé cast member Big Ed Brown has a menacing personality. He’s intentionally rude and has said several hurtful things to people on the show.


  •  Big Ed’s hurtful comments and toxic behavior have strained his relationships with those closest to him.
  •  He forced his girlfriend, Rose, to shave her legs because he found leg hair unattractive and less feminine.
  •  Big Ed has a history of insulting and belittling others, including calling his friend Kelly a derogatory term and accusing his fiancée Liz of being in a past lesbian relationship.

90 Day Fiancé star Big Ed Brown has often found himself in trouble for saying the wrong things, but there have been times when he has spewed poison and hurt those closest to him. Big Ed is a 56-year-old from San Diego who first came into the limelight for his appearance in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Big Ed had taken a 23-hour flight to the Philippines to go see Rosemarie Vega, his online girlfriend, for the first time. What followed on season 4 was one of the most memorable relationships in the franchise.

Although Rose emerged as the hero for dumping Big Ed, she was left feeling hurt and insulted by what Big Ed had said to her while filming. Big Ed didn’t really change after he began dating Liz Woods. Their toxic relationship went through 13 breakups before they decided they wanted to stay together in 90 Day: The Last Resort. While there are now rumors of Big Ed and Liz having split, it wouldn’t be surprising if the breakup happened because of something menacing that came out of his mouth, as fans have often seen on 90DF.

8Big Ed Said Rose Was “Less Feminine” Because Of Her Body Hair

Big Ed Forced Rose To Shave

Big Ed and Rose 90 Day Fiancé laughing montage

Big Ed and Rose were in bed and Rose refused to kiss him because she didn’t like his beard. She said, “It hurts. Shave it,” and Big Ed decided to make a deal with her. He told her to not be mad at him, but he’d noticed that her legs were “hairy” and “kind of” like his own. A surprised Rose asked, “What?” as he said that if she shaved her legs he would shave his beard. Big Ed told the cameras that he doesn’t like leg hair because it seems “kind of less feminine” for a woman. He said it grosses him out.

Big Ed made Rose shave her legs, so they could become “soft” like his skin. When UsWeekly spoke to Big Ed about his scandalous comments, he claimed the morning after the episode aired wasn’t a good one because haters came out to slam him online. He said he had a conversation with his daughter Tiffany, and she convinced him that it was “completely normal” in San Diego because “everyone” went to the beach and got laser hair removal done on their legs.

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7Big Ed Called Kelly Brown A “Bi***”

Kelly Was Insulted By Big Ed For No Reason

Molly and Kelly from 90 Day Fiance, in front of tropical background

Big Ed and Kelly Brown were not on the same page during 90 Day: The Last Resort. Couples therapy involved the couples participating in group activities as they did therapy exercises for the professional therapists to decide the winning couple who communicated the most effectively. Big Ed, being Big Ed, decided to cheat during his therapy game. The group and Liz noticed that Big Ed was performing exceptionally well in the game, which required him to be blindfolded. Big Ed claimed he’d memorized the course, but everyone realized he was able to see through his blindfold the whole time.

When Kelly accused Big Ed of being a cheater, Big Ed called him a “bi***.” That night, when Kelly and Molly Hopkins joined Angela Deem, Big Ed, and Liz in the hot tub, he told Big Ed that he hadn’t forgotten Big Ed had called him a “bi***” amid the obstacle course cheating incident. Kelly decided to give Big Ed a pass this one time, but Big Ed kept interrupting him when he spoke. Big Ed told Kelly that he called him a “bi***” because Kelly called him a cheater even though he had literally cheated on camera.

6Big Ed Asked Liz If She Was A “Lesbian”

Big Ed Fought With Liz During Their Engagement Party

Liz asked why she would invite a former flame to her engagement party. She said she trusted Big Ed to not have invited any of his former sugar babies to the event. However, Big Ed only had one thing on his mind. “Liz, are you a lesbian?” he asked her, even though Liz kept saying she was not physically attracted to women.

5Big Ed Told Liz “You’ve Always Been In Toxic, Sick Relationships”

During the 90 Day Fiancé HEA season 7 Tell All, Big Ed revealed he and Liz were broken up. He had been living alone and Liz said she was missing Big Ed. He claimed Liz had given her a two-week ultimatum that she would go sleep around if he didn’t marry her. Liz said she just wanted to know if Big Ed was going to make things work with her because if he wasn’t all in, she was going to be “single” and date. Big Ed yelled, “Go live your single life,” and asked her not to threaten him. He added, “You’ve never been single Liz.”

He continued, “You’ve never been alone. You’ve always been with a guy. You’ve always been in toxic relationships.” Kim Menzies told Big Ed it was an awful thing to say. However, Big Ed defended himself by saying he was speaking the truth.

4Big Ed Trolled Jenny By Mocking “India”

Big Ed’s Comment Was Unwarranted

During the same Tell All, Big Ed had a showdown with Jenny Slatten. The usually calm and composed Jenny had had enough of Big Ed treating Liz badly and insulting other cast members. Big Ed told Jenny to stop talking, but she chose not to be subdued. Big Ed asked Jenny to “shut up” and she screamed, “Be quiet” at him. “He is the worst thing I’ve ever met in my life,” Jenny said. When the cast assembled backstage, Jenny was still seething with anger.

Jenny didn’t want to sit in the break room with Big Ed and got up to leave as she asked, “F**k man, this dude, where did you find this guy?” Big Ed bluntly responded, “Uh India” but Jenny was not going to let him have the last word. She told him, “Oh hell no they wouldn’t even give you a visa” and showed Big Ed his place.

3Big Ed Outed Jovi By Telling Yara About Him “Texting” A Stripper

Big Ed Didn’t Need To Stir The Pot

90 Day Fiance's Jovi Dufren looking surprised

Big Ed was on a boat ride with Jovi, Yara Zaya, Angela, and Liz during an episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort. Yara was upset with Jovi having an obsession with strip clubs after he’d visited one with Big Ed and Asuelu Pulaa. Yara told Big Ed that Jovi said he had been innocent and Big Ed and Asuelu had been “bad.” Big Ed turned to Yara to ask her husband about “who he was texting last night.” Jovi couldn’t believe Big Ed was acting like a snitch for no reason. “Some stripper in Jamaica,” Big Ed continued.

Big Ed had a menacing grin on his face after stirring the pot. Jovi tried ignoring his comments but called Big Ed out for instigating the whole situation because it was unnecessary. However, Big Ed crossed the line when he asked Jovi, “Why don’t you explain to your daughter where you were” later in the scene as Liz tried to tell her partner to stop. Jovi lunged at Big Ed to punch him, but security stepped in at the right moment to hold him back. “Bring it on,” Big Ed challenged him.

2Big Ed Made Darcey’s Daughter Feel “Uncomfortable”

Aniko Was 16 Years Old At The Time

Darcey's daughters Aniko and Aspen Bollok smiling for a photo together while having lunch

In April 2021, Darcey Silva’s then 16-year-old daughter, Aniko Bollok, revealed that Big Ed had made unsettling comments towards her and her sister Aspen Bollok. Aniko posted a comment about Big Ed on TikTok recalling an incident that took place on set where their mom was filming the Tell All with Big Ed (Via TVShowsAce.) “My mom is Darcey Silva. During the season 4 tell all he made a comment on how attractive my younger sister and I were and it made us both very [uncomfortable]” wrote Darcey’s eldest daughter. Aniko’s sister Aspen was just 14 years old at the time.

1Big Ed Told Rose Her Breath Wasn’t “Pretty”

Big Ed Gifted Rose Toothpaste & A Toothbrush

Some of the most vile comments that Big Ed has made on 90 Day Fiancé have been towards Rose. Big Ed may try to act like a saint after claiming that he got therapy, but he will never be able to make viewers forget what he said to Rose in Before the 90 Days season 4. Big Ed had taken Rose away on a vacation to the island of Palawan for some alone time because she wanted to know if her feelings towards him were “real.” Rose decided to go with Big Ed because she wanted to build a stronger relationship with him.

Big Ed wanted to propose to Rose and wanted to not have any doubts about her before making the biggest decision of his life. The cameras showed Big Ed and Rose in their Palawan hotel room as he unpacked his luggage to show Rose the “surprises” he’d brought for her. He had a bikini for her and a teddy that he wanted her to wear for him. He asked Rose to try it out, but she refused, saying she was nervous. The “less romantic” things came next, which were toothpaste, mouthwash, and a toothbrush. He said, “Cause your breath is not pretty.

He claimed one of the first things he noticed about her at the airport was her bad breath. Rose seemed upset upon receiving the “gifts” and he tried telling her that she could get sick if she got a “disease” in her mouth. Rose told Big Ed that her bad breath was due to her having an ulcer and not because she never brushed her teeth. The 90 Day Fiancé villain said he cared about Rose, but the young woman was embarrassed and declared that Big Ed was a rude person who would have accepted her for who she was if he truly loved her.

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