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90 Day Fiance: S*x Educator Teaches Michael & Angela How To Be Intimate In A Long Distance Relationship!

90 Day Fiance star Michael is still waiting for his American visa. So, for now, he is a part of The Last Resort virtually and is trying his best to make up for his infidelity. However, it is evident that his absence is actually making a difference, and it is making it hard for the couple to mend fences. Angela admitted that it’s really hard for her to watch all the couples going to their room at the end of the day when she is all alone. Hence, she and Michael consulted a sex educator who taught them how to maintain intimacy in a long-distance relationship! What is their new lesson all about?

90 Day Fiance: Michael & Angela Learn To Maintain Intimacy In A Long Distance Relationship By A Sex Educator

NSFW Content Alert! 90 Day Fiance star Angela Deem has been taking Michael on her unipod during the entire Last Resort journey. The latter is in Nigeria and is attending the show virtually. Though he is trying his best to be present as much as possible, his absence badly affects things like their physical intimacy. Hence, the sex educator of the show decided to come up with a solution for their problem. Their therapist introduced them to some new ways and means by which they can spice up their bedroom life.


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In an exclusive clip by ET, Angela and Michael sat with their sex educator. The latter brought a device to spice up their intimacy in a long-distance relationship. The noted therapist revealed that Deem can put this device on her body while her husband can control the frequency of it from Nigeria. Angela was in shock and admitted, “I didn’t even know you could do that s**t remotely.” On the other hand, Michael seemed to be really happy as he would be able to give pleasure to his wife even from a distance. The 90 Day Fiance couple got really excited when the expert presented them with a “Bluetooth vibrator” and were eager to use it as well.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Is Happy To Revive Her Own ‘Long-Distance’ Intimacy

90 Day Fiance stars Angela and Michael weren’t aware of the fact that they couldn’t spice up their bedroom life even in a long-distance relationship. But all thanks to their sex educator, who introduced them to this concept. Deem couldn’t stop giggling when her therapist gave her the vibrator. She excitedly claimed that now she has her own “long-distance p***s.” On the other hand, Michael felt that this idea was really “interesting” and was quick to download the app and test the device. This session evidently brought the couple closer. Angela was happy to state, “I see you’re coming out of your shell. That’s a good thing!.”

90 Day Fiance

So, it was evident that, eventually, things were falling in Angela and Michael’s favor. Recently, the former revealed that she was still married to her husband. Hence, it seems that the couple perhaps survived the tests and hurdles of The Last Resort. The celeb revealed that she was still trying her best to bring Michael to America because she couldn’t live in Nigeria at any cost. Deem admitted that she still loves her partner but was quick to claim that “love” alone can’t keep people together. Hence, she asked her fans to keep watching Last Resort for more explosive stuff. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest 90 Day Fiance tea.

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