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90 Day Fiancé Star David Dangerfield Shocks Fans With “Thirst Trap” Photos

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star David Dangerfield has worried fans about his relationship with Sheila Mangubat because of his shocking IG pics.

  •  David Dangerfield, from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, surprises fans by posting “thirst trap” photos on social media.
  •  Some fans speculate that David and his fiancée Sheila may have split because of the photos, but they were actually generated on an AI app.
  •  David and Sheila’s wedding has been delayed, but they are still very much in love and working towards a future together. David’s AI photos were just for fun.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star David Dangerfield is surprising his fans by posting several “thirst trap” pictures on social media. David, a 42-year-old man from Omaha, Nebraska, was born deaf. He was unlucky in love as his ex-girlfriend broke his heart by cheating on him. David didn’t give up but kept looking for someone he could someday start a family with. David met Sheila Mangubat on a Facebook group for the hearing impaired. The only glitch was that Sheila was thousands of miles away from the Philippines.

David met Sheila in person after two years of dating on the reality TV show where they got engaged. But David posting shirtless photos on his Instagram may suggest he and Sheila have split. David took to Instagram over the weekend to post several photos.

He was not wearing a shirt and looked very different from how he did on TV. It looked like David now had a ripped physique with abs and muscles that he wasn’t shy about flexing on IG. “David is that really you? For real, for real?” asked a fan. “This is highly unacceptable when you’re engaged to somebody else to be posting this kind of stuff!” wrote someone else.

Will David & Sheila Stay Together Despite Visa Delay?

David and Sheila from 90 Day Fiance looking serious

However, upon closer inspection, the photos looked like they were generated on some kind of AI app by David. Even if some fans realized David was just posting these fake photos of himself, they disapproved of him doing it. They suspected he could have been doing it to make Sheila feel jealous. “Don’t hurt her,” wrote a fan. What really confused David’s followers was that he never explained his intention in the caption, nor did he reply to their questions. “If I was your chick so far away I’d be pissed and you would be bye bye,” commented someone else.

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David and Sheila did get engaged during his Philippines trip, but their wedding has been delayed by years. Sheila wanted to have a November 2023 wedding with David. She wanted it to take place in her native country so she could be surrounded by her loved ones. David agreed to it but also decided to look into Sheila’s visa options, considering their marriage were to happen overseas. During the Tell All, a previously unaired clip showed David visiting immigration attorneys advising him to apply for a fiancé visa, not a spousal one.

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