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90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Deem’s Future After Happily Ever After Revealed


  • Angela Deem hints at leaving 90 Day Fiancé after Season 8, citing a lack of air time for her and Michael’s story.
  • Angela jokes about getting her own spin-off, admitting filming the show is not easy with cameras documenting every move.
  • Angela might act in a Hollywood movie after her 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? stint is over.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Angela Deem is revealing if she will really quit the franchise after season 8. Angela used to be a nursing assistant at a hospice in Georgia when she met Michael Ilesanmi from Nigeria. Angela made good use of her reality TV fame and made a career out of it by becoming a social media influencer and promoting brands. However, Angela’s future in TV may have been threatened by her recent split with Michael. Amid rumors of Angela getting fired from the show for leaking their plot, she has seemingly made a big decision.

TikTok account @90dayfiance.news posted snippets from Angela’s latest Live on the platform where she said that the network “don’t have enough air time” to put her and Michael’s “whole story” on the show.

However, Angela cheekily added, “unless they give me my own spin-off.” Angela told a fan that she was going to say “bye-bye” after this season. Angela spoke about how it wasn’t an “easy” task to film the show in real life with the cameras capturing her every move and drama. “Ya’ll thinking this is easy, this is not easy for me,” she added.

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90 Day Fiancé Star Angela Wants To Be An Actress

Angela Will Become A Hollywood Star

Angela is single at the moment since Michael left her in February 2024. Angela had hinted at a new relationship by posting a video of her getting cozy with a new man, but she later denied all rumors of her having a new boyfriend. Since Angela doesn’t get her “happily ever after” with Michael, the next step would have been for her to star in 90 Day: The Single Life where she would be filmed going on dates with potential new boyfriends. However, Angela doesn’t want to be part of The Single Life either.

“I’m not doing the Single Life, no I’m not. This ain’t just me wantin’ to do a show, okay?”

When a fan asked her to star in the spin-off, her reply was, “No, the f**k, I will not!” A different TikTok video from the same source, @90dayfiance.news shows Angela telling her fans she could be leaving 90 Day Fiancé to become an actress. “Yeah remember I told you I was gonna be in a movie.” She says to the camera while doing the “hush, hush” action with her finger. She says it’s going to be a “little bit” until her film comes out and adds that it could maybe be her “own” or maybe not. “Maybe somebody else’s,” she says.

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