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90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra Opens Up About Being Bullied By Her Mom For Her Wig!

Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne are one of the newest additions to 90 Day Fiance season 10. They have fans hooked on their storyline since the beginning. The latter had a humble upbringing and currently works as an actor and model in the United States. But his partner comes from a wealthy family. So, she would jet off to exotic getaways and has attended private schools.

Regardless of Sophie’s lavish upbringing and current influencer lifestyle, she has received criticism for her style, particularly her wig. The UK native recently opened up about being mocked by her mother as well for her false hair. Tune in to learn more!

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra’s Mom Bullied Her!

Despite belonging to a wealthy family, Sophie Sierra was bullied as a child in Spain. She was often called out at school for being a mixed race, as her mother was white while her father was black. Her throwback pictures in 90 Day Fiance season premiere featured her dark curly locks.

Thus, fans were quick to notice the twenty-three-year-old’s wig. On 25 October, an online thread was created to discuss Sophie’s unrealistic body proportions and wig in her social media uploads. Some claimed that she looked very different both on Instagram and on the show.

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90 Day Fiance
Instagram Sophie Sierra

While others felt that Sophie looked beautiful even without external help. This was not it, as her mother had recently joined the clan and mocked her for her false hair. The 90 Day Fiance star took to her Instagram stories recently to share a picture of her mom.

Sophie added the text stating that even her mom began bullying her for the wig she wore on the popular TLC show. She went on to add laughing emojis to convey the lightness of the situation. This is evident enough that she continues to stay positive despite the negativity she comes across.

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra Opens Up About Why She Wears A Wig!

Sophie Sierra is a successful Instagram content creator and model, but her fans did not seem satisfied with how her hair looked. Several eagle-eyed 90 Day Fiance fans quickly noticed that she wore false hair on the show.

During an interactive Q&A segment on Instagram, a follower asked the British beauty if they would ever see her natural hair on the show. Sierra shared a clip showing off her real hair. She added the text stating that they could see her natural locks at the end of the show.

90 Day Fiance
Instagram Sophie Sierra

Sophie went on to mention that her hair was not at all healthy at the time; thus, she had to wear a wig. The TLC starlet also gushed that styling a wig was so worth it as her hair has grown healthy now. Another curious fan asked if she ever wears her natural curly hair or prefers straightening it always.

Sophie shared a picture with her short, curly locks in response to this question. She went on to share that she wears her hair curly now and does not straighten it all the time. But, she did not address any questions related to Rob. Do you sense trouble in their relationship?

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