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90 Day Fiance: Sophie Sierra Doesn’t Look Like Herself After Massive Makeover

Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne just became a part of the 90 Day Fiance flagship series. They are currently appearing in Season 10 to showcase their weird journey. However, they raised eyebrows about their turbulent relationship.

She came from a rich background, while her boyfriend is a jack of all trades to earn money. Sophie made numerous adjustments to live with her American partner and even lived in an apartment without a bathroom. Fans felt that Rob Warne didn’t deserve the UK-based star.

The couple has been sparking breakup rumors for a long time. Sophie’s blonde wig has been making headlines recently. However, the TLC star stuns viewers with her new transformation. How she looks now?

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Flaunts Her Natural Hair Color After Impressive Makeover!

90 Day Fiance star Sophie Sierra doesn’t shy away from sharing her positives and negatives with the audience. Previously, she revealed how kids at her school were bullied for being mixed-race. Sophie’s mother is a white woman, while her dad is black.

Fans also spotted her dark curly hair in her throwback pictures during Season 10. They discussed Sophie’s looks after spotting her blonde wig and requested that she get rid of it. Recently, the UK-based fashion influencer stunned the audience with her new makeover.

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Some fans started a Reddit Thread after she uploaded a new video of her transformation. In the clip, she said, “Imagine the day they see you again, and you are just, well, better.” Sophie appeared in her bleached blonde with messy dark roots at the start.

Later, she flaunted her dark brown long curls after the transition. Sophie was looking much happier after getting back to her natural look. The Redditor even speculated that her new glow-up is a sign that she got rid of her American partner.

Soon, her fans flooded the thread with lovely comments. One user wrote, “I hope she sticks with dark hair for a while— she looks gorg!!” Meanwhile, the other fan stated that would prefer to be in Team Brunetter for the 25-year-old star.

Further, the others pitied her that Sophie got stuck with an old and immature guy. Also, another noted, “I like her SO much. I am so thankful someone got her hair together.”

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Finally Gets Back To Her Natural Hair After 2 Years!

Sophie Sierra is among the newest celebrities of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. She debuted the series with her Los Angeles partner, Rob Warne. However, the couple had a turbulent relationship, mainly due to the latter’s mistakes.

Sophie has been hinting at breakup rumors for a long time. Now, it appears that the star also returned to her old self after living with a bleached blond wig for two years. Recently, the reality TV celeb posted a picture of her long dark brown selfie.

She was all glammed up after the new makeover. Sierra wrote, “After 2 years of bleach ruining my lifeee lol I finally went back to my natural hair color.” Also, she asked her fans about their views on her transformation.

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