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90 Day Fiance: Sophie Catches Rob Cheating Again, Moves Out!

Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne have made a dramatic debut on 90 Day Fiance. The newest pair has already been making headlines with their tumultuous relationship on the show. Sophie hails from the UK, while her partner is an American star. The former has a rich background, and she enjoys all the luxuries in life. Meanwhile, Rob is a jack of all trades who lives in a small apartment with no bathroom.

The pair have been trying to make their relationship work since the start. However, the two had trust issues as they kept lots of secrets from each other. Sophie never trusted her partner around women. Meanwhile, the UK star kept a lot of secrets from her partner. Now, it appears that Rob cheated on Sophie again. Did she leave his apartment?

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Left Rob’s Place After He Cheated On Her!

Sophie and Rob have been butting heads since the start of their relationship. The former found it hard to adjust at her partner’s place. She always doubted her partner because of his past involving cheating. Previously, things went downhill when Sophie opened up about her medical history.

The 90 Day Fiance celeb feared planning for a baby due to her ovarian cysts. Rob didn’t listen to her medical condition and stormed out of the restaurant. Later, they communicated to resolve their issues. However, it appears that the pair is struggling again with new issues.

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As per ScreenRant, Sophie left her partner’s home at night after she caught him cheating on her. She revealed that she had a dream of her partner cheating on her. So, the TLC celeb decided to check his phone. Sierra didn’t find anything on his Instagram.

However, she found an app where Rob was talking to women who were asking him for nudes. Sophie was disgusted to see that he was entertaining them in the app. She left the house after throwing away his ring.

She wanted to move out of his home for some peaceful time to herself. Then, she had no idea where to go after her boyfriend made her leave the house after an unbelievable situation.

90 Day Fiance: Sophie Rented A New Apartment With A Bathroom!

Sophie and Rob have been struggling to make their relationship work. However, things went south, and Sophie walked out of her boyfriend’s place. 90 Day Fiance fans have been curious to know their current relationship status after the huge drama.

Recently, the reality TV celeb shared her new living situation with her fans on Instagram. She uploaded a video of herself on the platform while doing a GRWM session. The reality TV celeb laughed and recorded herself in front of a bathroom mirror.

In the end, she informed her followers that it was her new living space. Sophie stated, “I obviously have a bathroom now. So I’m pretty happy about that.” The cast member looked extremely happy that she could do her makeup in great lighting now.

She has been sharing new updates on her Instagram these days. Now fans are guessing if Rob and Sophie have officially parted ways. Do you think they are still together? Sound off in the comment section to share your views.

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