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90 Day Fiance: Single Chantel Wants To Date A “Greek God”

Chantel Everett became a popular face in the reality TV world as soon as she debuted on 90 Day Fiance. Her husband, Pedro, was the one who starred alongside her. Their family dynamics, especially with the in-laws, got so chaotic that it made for interesting television. So, TLC roped their families in for a new spin-off, The Family Chantel.

But Chantel and Pedro’s marriage came crashing down after a couple of years. They just couldn’t make it work, and it was quite intense. Yet the former’s story is not over. That’s because she is the new face of The Single Life edition of the franchise. So, Chantel is now single and ready to mingle. In fact, she already has in mind as to what she is looking for. So, what is it?

90 Day Fiance: Chantel Wants A “Greek God” For Herself! Going Out With 20-Year-Olds

Chantel Everett has developed a mass fan following only after being a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise for a couple of years. In fact, she got a whole lot of love and support even during her divorce from Pedro Jimeno. But after taking some time to herself, she surprised everyone by joining the new season of The Single Life.

It has been a wild ride for Chantel trying to process her divorce and putting herself out there in the dating pool again. So, she and her friends decided to travel to Greece for a whole lot of fun. The star was calling her friends the “Divorce Support Crew.” While talking about Greece, she said she had “fantasized” about the “mountains” and the “beaches” after seeing the pictures.

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Chantel hoped that her “imagination comrd true.” At the same time, she hoped to find herself a “Greek God” by exploring the dating scene in Greece. In the first episode itself, her buddies gave her a task to get at least 5 guys while at the club. While doing so, many 90 Day Fiance fans complained that it was improper and desperate how Chantel was going for 20-something old guys.

90 Day Fiance: Chantel Sheds Tears After Making Out With A Mystery Man!

While Chantel struggled at the club to get numbers, her luck eventually shined through. Her night ended with going on a bike ride with a handsome young man. While many 90 Day Fiance fans complained the guy was too young for her, others cheered her on as she was finally having fun after her messy divorce.

By the end, when the mystery man dropped her, they also shared a steamy kiss. When Chantel’s friends came to her, she initially appeared happy, but a realization changed everything. She began to cry while saying it was “happening again.” The celebrity said this was the exact that happened on her first date with Pedro. He took her out in the same way.

90 Day Fiance

Pedro had a four-wheeler and gave her a tour of the islands in the Dominican Republic. But Chantel also acknowledged that she didn’t want to dwell in the past as “time was precious,” and she didn’t want to waste any of it. How do you feel about her new avatar in The Single Life? Tell us in the comments below.

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