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90 Day Fiance: Shocking Update On Scott Wern’s Bankruptcy

90 Day Fiance star Scott Wern has been creating controversies back-to-back. He initially rose to fame with his chaotic storyline with Lidia, which didn’t last for long. Since then, the celeb has been doing anything and everything to stay in the limelight.

Amid all this, fans got to know about Scott’s bankruptcy scandal. Apparently, it now has a shocking new update, which is leaving viewers in disbelief. What is it? What is Wern up to know? Is he planning something new?

90 Day Fiance: Major Update! Scott Wern Moves To NYC After Selling His FL House

90 Day Fiance star Scott Wern made many headlines a few months ago upon filing for bankruptcy. He has filed for the same about 4 times in his life. Hence, the celeb is well aware of the dynamics and knows exactly how to deal with it.

Scott filed for his fourth bankruptcy on July 26, which was then closed on October 31. Apparently, it seems that he already had a master plan to deal with his total liabilities of $539,399.75. Hence, Wern decided to sell his house in Spring Hill, Florida, which he initially bought in August 2021 for $295,000.

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Scott initially demanded  $360,000 and ended up locking his deal at $320,000 in mid-October. He soon uprooted his life in Florida and headed to New York. The celeb then moved into a small apartment in Staten Island with his dog, Ali.

Wern soon started his new life and ended up with a job as a respiratory therapist in New York City. Amid all this, he recently shared a list of all his goals. It included selling off his house, moving to New York, and paying off his debt as well. Scott even checked off the point of working as a respiratory therapist for the last year.

So, now it seems that Scott has finally entered into a completely new phase of his life. He has a job and a small apartment with a dog. Shockingly, all his outstanding bills have also been paid off.

90 Day Fiance: Scott Now Wants To Be An Actor! But Why?

90 Day Fiance star Scott Wern shared a list of all the things that he wants to do. Though he has done many of them, some are still left, and he seems to be really determined to achieve them as well. Shockingly, it includes taking “acting classes” and getting a small “acting role” as well.

Recently, Scott even shared news of how Jim Carrey wasn’t reprising his role for a Grinch sequel. He wrote in the caption that he really wanted to play this role, and if the noted actor rejected it, he would take this part. Hence, it appears that Wern is perhaps serious when it comes to his acting career.

On the other hand, Scott’s list also mentions his desire to meet the criteria of SAG and continue “training hard.” This came after he revealed that he is single again and has already parted ways with his girlfriend.

Hence, viewers are now wondering what Wern’s next move could be and if he is again planning to file for his 5th bankruptcy or not

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