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90 Day Fiance: Shekinah Defends Sarper For Controlling Her Weight!

Shekinah Garner and Sarper Guven entertained the audience with their impeccable bond. They are one of the newest pairs of the 90 Day Fiance franchise with a unique storyline. Fans found a lot of red flags in their relationship, but they are going strong against all odds.


Both these TLC stars are very protective about their looks and physique. In fact, one of the reasons for their sizzling chemistry is their love for the “perfect body” type. The Los Angeles beauty was willing to cross the oceans to be with her Turkish partner in his native country.


90 Day Fiance: Shekinah Garner Calls Out Haters In New Video!

Shekinah and Sarper are gaining a lot of attention in the new season with their unique chemistry on the show. Fans often saw the couple enjoying each other’s company doing some crazy things together. Well, Shekinah is not going to spare the haters from calling out her partner for his actions.

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Recently, Sarper came under fire for deciding the right weight for his girlfriend. Finally, the TLC celeb came up with a befitting reply for all the critics. She took to Instagram to add a video to her story. In it, she stated, “I just came here to say that I think it’s so funny that people are so upset about my boyfriend weighing me.”

However, she lashed out at the same people who criticized how she looked in detail. Shekinah went on with the list, “I’m botched, that I look completely fake, plastic, I look like AI, that my lips are too big, and the list goes on.”

Further, the 90 Day Fiance star set the record straight and said that her weight typically fluctuates between 128-132 pounds. However, her partner has not been controlling Shekinah’s weight or dictating how much she should weigh.


Shekinah went on to defend Sarper and stated that he simply wanted to help her in choosing a weight that was right for her. Further, she added, “So, I can’t be mad at that.”


90 Day Fiance: Sarper Reminds Shekinah About Her Target Weight!

Shekinah and Sarper turned heads for their sizzling chemistry on the show. However, fans often notice that the two are way too much obsessive about their looks. A recent sneak peek revealed that the latter wanted his partner to stick to a fixed weight.

In it, Sarper brought a weighing machine to weigh her after she demanded to sleep on top of him on the couch. However, the 90 Day Finace celeb was a bit taken aback by his girlfriend’s wish and joked that she wasn’t too skinny. Further, Given reminded her that her target weight was 128 pounds before weighing her.

Shekinah was shocked to see that the weighing scale stopped at 132 pounds. Further, Sarper confessed to the cameras that he doesn’t like his women to look muscular. Hence, he thinks that the reality TV star could have the physique she wants if she stuck to her target weight.

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