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’90 Day Fiancé’: Sarper Shocks Shekinah by Demanding That He Wants a Child (Exclusive)

In this exclusive clip, Sarper completely changes his mind about having kids.

Sarper dropped a bombshell on Shekinah in this exclusive clip from Monday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, in which he tells her out of the blue that he wants a child with her even though they previously agreed they didn’t want children together.

Shekinah, 41, already raised a daughter who now attends boarding school and has no desire to have more children. But now that she already uprooted her life in the U.S. to live in Turkey so she can be with 43-year-old Sarper, he shocks her by saying he very much wants to have a child. In the clip, Sarper says he simply changed his mind about having kids now that he was in a long-term relationship with Shekinah as opposed to just thinking she was a one-night stand. Not surprisingly, Shekinah definitely doesn’t want another baby and says she has no interest in giving birth ever again.

“I can’t picture it like, I finally found you,” she says. “And we want to enjoy life together.”

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But according to Sarper, wanting to have a child together was a no-brainer.

But Shekinah doesn’t budge.

“I was very upfront with Sarper when I first met him about not wanting to have more children,” she notes. “So it’s frustrating that now that I’ve moved here to Turkey to be with him, he’s kind of switching things up on me. Sarper needs to figure out what’s more important to him. Does he want to have a child or does he want to be with me?”

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