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90 Day Fiance: Rob & Sophie Had An Explosive Argument At A S-x Shop!

There seems to be no end when it comes to Rob and Sophie’s issues. Their chaotic storyline has been a part of 90 Day Fiance, and viewers are still wondering if they would be able to last or not. The couple is on the verge of walking down the aisle, but their problems are never-ending.

Recently, fans were in shock when they saw Rob and Sophie having an explosive public argument at the ‘sex shop.’ They were featured screaming and yelling at each other! But what led to this dramatic fight?

90 Day Fiance: Everything About Rob & Sophie’s Feud At The S-x Shop

90 Day Fiance recently featured Rob and Sophie butting heads over a duvet! The latter felt cold and wanted to have one, which the former felt was a “demand.” Hence, they had a dramatic argument because of the same.

Soon after this, Rob and Sophie decided to lighten up their moods and went on a date followed by a sex shop visit. They had many flirty conversations, and things seemed to be falling into place until a worker praised the couple for being “really hot.”

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The worker soon also ended up propositioning Rob and Sophie for a threesome. The latter were in disbelief as they weren’t expecting it at all. There was a moment of awkward silence as both of them were waiting for each other to answer and say no.

90 day fiance

Rob decided not to say anything, which disturbed Sophie. The latter lost her calm and slammed him for not saying “No” upfront. She even wondered how Rob was thinking of “f**king other people” while they hadn’t even walked down the aisle till now.

On 90 Day Fiance, Sophie made it clear that she could never allow Rob to have sexual intimacy with any other woman. She added that she has trust issues, and such incidents trigger them even more.

90 Day Fiance: Rob Admits Having Second Thoughts About His Marriage

Rob’s behavior really hurt Sophie. She felt “disrespected” when the latter didn’t say no and waited for her to answer the question. But it seems that the 90 day Fiance celeb’s beau was least bothered. Instead, he believed that this wasn’t a big deal as well.

But this incident ended up giving Rob second thoughts when it came to spending the rest of his life with Sophie. He admitted to the cameras that he could not tolerate all this for his entire life. The celeb revealed that it was hard to understand “fully what to think.”


Rob stated that if he had watched a couple screaming at each other publicly, he would have advised them to part ways as soon as possible. Hence, things were getting complicated for him now. So, he began wondering if he really wanted to get married to Sophie or not.

This came after Rob also accused Sophie of creating “drama.” He confronted the latter of getting mad at him for simply not answering a mere question! The celeb made it clear that Sophie cannot “blame” him for saying that was not a question for him.

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