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90 Day Fiancé: Red Flags In Clayton & Anali’s Relationship (Are They Wrong For Each Other?)

The most shocking reasons why 90 Day Fiancé couple Clayton Clark and Anali Vallejos from season 10 are definitely not right for each other.

  • Clayton and Anali’s relationship is filled with red flags, including Anali’s reluctance to say yes to the engagement and hiding her true intentions from her father.
  •  Clayton’s living situation with his cluttered apartment and hoarder mother is a major culture shock for Anali, and she is uncomfortable with the lack of space and cleanliness.
  •  Anali is distant and avoids being intimate with Clayton, and their lack of understanding and compatibility suggests they are not ready for marriage.

90 Day Fiancé season 10 pair Clayton Clark and Anali Vallejos are not meant to be together from what fans have seen so far. Clayton is a newcomer, and viewers have been excited about seeing him since they first saw the trailer. He’s had been introduced as the cast member who’s dating Anali from Peru and shares his one-bedroom apartment with two guinea pigs, two chihuahuas, and his mother, who lives in his small closet.

Clayton met Anali on a language learning app where he was learning Spanish, and Anali was learning English. Clayton messaged Anali after he saw that she had visited his profile. Clayton went to meet Anali eight months after they met online and got engaged during the trip even though Anali took a long time to say yes. Anali could have done that because her father was unaware of her romance; she didn’t tell her dad she was moving to the U.S. on a K-1 visa either. Anali told him she was going there for a job; however, this wasn’t the only red flag in Clayton and Anali’s relationship.

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Anali Has Called Clayton Mean Names
90 Day Fiancé's Clayton & Anali

Anali’s mean commentary started when Clayton showed her how he bathed his guinea pigs using a small inflatable pool in 90 Day Fiancé season 10, episode 8. Clayton told her, “I have this for the guinea pigs, for their bath.” Anali seemingly poked fun at Clayton’s height by replying, “If you want you can try. You can easily fit in there.” Clayton joked that he would cause the water to splash out and said, “No, I’m too fat.”

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Anali was upset because Clayton was making her bathe the pets. “I don’t like that I CAME FROM SO FAR AWAY TO I don’t know, clean everything up,” she complained. Later in the episode, Anali and Clayton drove to Indiana to meet his sister Brandi and to have some alone time. Clayton said goodbye to his dog by calling him, “chunker boy,” and Anali told Clayton, “You chunky boy,” as she pinched his waist and said, “Look” by patting his belly.

Clayton was surprised when he saw Anali say it in front of his mom, but he decided to take it as a joke. “She called him both short (said he could fit in the guinea pig tub) and fat in the same episode,” a Reddit user said in the comment section of neopode’s thread. Meanwhile, the OP noticed how there were barely any scenes since her arrival to the U.S. where Anali showed no affection towards Clayton.

Clayton Is Sharing A Cramped & Messy Apartment With His Mom

Clayton with his mom Violet in their apartment in 90 Day Fiance

Clayton’s mother moved into his house over three years ago. She intended to move out once she had enough money to get her own place, but she didn’t. Anali used to stay in a large house back home, and Clayton’s lifestyle was a major culture shock to her. She noticed how Clayton’s living room had more space assigned to his guinea pigs and his dogs rather than to him. Moreover, Clayton’s mother, Violet, was a hoarder. She had food items that were way beyond their expiry dates. There were items that Clayton had to stuff in an already overflowing storage vault as well.

Anali Avoids Being Intimate With Clayton & He’s Too Pushy

(4 pm) Clayton & Anali Seem Doomed On 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 (Anali Is Over Him)

The walls of Clayton’s apartment are thin, and his mom’s closet is a mere ten feet away from his bed. Anali refused to cuddle with Clayton, which he assumed was due to his living situation. However, Anali refused Clayton’s sexual advances even after they took a trip away from home. Clayton tried to set the mood by turning the lights down in their hotel room, but Anali chose to go to bed instead. Clayton told Anali she was giving him “blue balls,” but he, too, was acting pushy with Anali at the time, which may have been a turn-off for her.

Are Clayton & Anali Wrong For Each Other?

Anali’s acting distant with Clayton and him not being prepared for her arrival in the U.S. shows Clayton and Anali aren’t ready to get married. They hardly spent any time together before and after they got engaged. Clayton should have moved into a bigger apartment where he could spend time with Anali before applying for a K-1 visa so they could have privacy and develop their relationship.

Clayton needs to learn a thing or two about romance, while Anali could learn to treat her future husband’s pets as her own. The two come with their own set of issues, and things would get much easier for the 90 Day Fiancé couple if they compromised a little. Overall, Clayton and Anali need to try to understand each other better.

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