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90 Day Fiancé: Reasons Rob Warne & Sophie Sierra’s Relationship Will End In Disaster

  • Sophie and Rob’s relationship is plagued by trust issues and past infidelity, making their future together uncertain.
  • Rob’s hot-tempered nature and abusive behavior are major red flags that indicate a rocky road ahead for the couple.
  • The financial and maturity gap between Rob and Sophie may eventually lead to their downfall, as they struggle to find common ground.

Sophie Sierra and Rob Warne’s relationship will likely conclude badly on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?. The British-American couple debuted in 90 Day Fiancé season 10. They seemed like a good match but soon began fighting over the smallest things. After Rob embarrassingly proposed to Sophie at the airport, he took her to his tiny apartment with no bathroom. He undermined her complaints and downplayed her concerns. Ultimately, Sophie chose to get her own apartment. She also learned that Rob had cheated on her in the past, leading her to contemplate if she wanted to continue the relationship with him.

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Rob Can Be Seen Threatening Sophie In A Leaked Video

Sophie Doesn’t Feel Safe With Rob

Sophie and Rob’s breakup rumors began in May after a private video of their argument leaked online. The clip posted by @merrypants shows Sophie asking Rob for her phone, but he denies her request. He says, “I can take it, or I can fu**ing break it. Keep playing with me,” alleging that his wife hasn’t “paid a dime” towards that phone. Sophie replies, “I need it cause I don’t feel safe with you,” revealing why she needs her phone back. However, Rob doesn’t listen and sarcastically responds, “I don’t feel safe with you either.”

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Sophie’s mother, Claire Sierra, was behind leaking the clip. However, that wasn’t the only video she posted. In May, Claire shared another video showing Sophie hiding in a closet. It showed Rob threatening and verbally abusing Sophie. Rob says, “you are the fu**ing toxic toxicity in this relationship.” He adds, “if I was ***hole **gga, I’d be whopping your a** right now, telling you ain’t going anywhere my wife.” The video ends with Rob telling Sophie that he’ll let her go. It shows him wondering if the relationship is worth it.

Sophie’s Mom Is Accused Of Being A Homewrecker

Claire Doesn’t Respect Rob & Wants Sophie To Leave Him

Montage of Sophie Sierra from 90 Day Fiance with pink background
Custom Image by César García

Rob and Sophie’s situation got worse after Sophie called the cops on her mom. As per Instagram user @kikiandkibbitz, Rob’s friend, Tor’i, posted a comment revealing facts about the leaked video. He shared that Claire is under arrest because she “threatened to kill her own daughter and then kill herself.” According to Tor’i, the videos Claire leaked weren’t recent. Instead, the clips are from two years ago when Rob was angry at Sophie for not coming home.

Sophie also shared an Instagram Story, admitting that Rob had never hurt her. She blamed her mom, implying she was a homewrecker.

Rob’s Past Cheating Scandals Are Too Much

Rob Can’t Earn Sophie’s Trust Back

While the leaked videos are old, they highlight Sophie and Rob’s incompatibility. The clips prove that Sophie and her husband fight over the smallest issues and will probably never fix their marriage. Rob’s past infidelity is a big reason he’ll never have a stable future with Sophie. He has scarred his wife for life by repeatedly cheating on her. He has broken her trust, which he can’t simply repair with love. Such trust issues take years to resolve. However, it doesn’t seem like Sophie and Rob will stay together for that long.

Sophie’s mom from 90 Day Fiancé doesn’t think Rob is the best choice for her daughter. However, she needs to stop meddling in their relationship.

Rob’s past infidelity has already ruined his relationship with Sophie, and they’re expected to break up soon. A few fans recently discussed the issue on a Reddit thread created by @thefunnysnoopybunny, admitting that the pair will not last long. A Redditor wrote, “I hope Sophie recognizes her worth,” hoping she makes the right call and breaks up with her jobless boyfriend. Another commented, “I hope she finds someone that treats her right,” admitting that Sophie is so genuine that she may even stay with Rob just for the sake of love.

Rob Is Hot-Tempered & Unrepentant

Rob Keeps Losing His Calm On The Show

Montage of 90 Day Fiancé’s Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra

Sophie chose Rob because he was sweet to her. He understood her past struggles and seemed like a nice guy. Unfortunately, things changed after marriage. Rob became rude and abusive, leading to various on-screen arguments. He has anger issues, is hot-tempered, and needs therapy to resolve his problems. If Rob stays the way he is, Sophie will leave him soon. She will eventually realize her self-worth and dump him.

The only way Rob can fix his marital issues is by improving himself. He must humble himself if he wants to stay with his wife.

Why Rob & Sophie’s Age Gap Will Eventually Become A Problem

Rob’s Too Immature For His Age

Rob and Sophie seem like an ideal 90 Day Fiancé couple because they are both young. However, their 10-year age gap will forever stop them from truly understanding each other. Sophie is mature for her age, while Rob is too immature for his. They’re together because they balance each other. Unfortunately, things will change over time. Sophie will outgrow Rob in her 30s and realize he is a big man-child who’s not mature enough for her. This realization may lead her to end her marriage. She may want to be with someone who can be a decent husband to her.

Rob & Sophie Aren’t Financially Compatible

Rob & Sophie Will Never Be On The Same Page

90 Day Fiancé Rob Warne with shady look and Sophie in the background

Rob and Sophie will probably break up because they’re different. Apart from their personality differences, Rob and Sophie are financially incompatible. They have different expectations from their lives. Sophie belongs to a wealthy family. However, she’s still a hard-working woman who wants to make a name for herself. Rob is simply ambitionless in comparison. He’s in his mid-30s and still doesn’t have a stable career. With time, Rob and Sophie’s financial gap will only grow bigger. It will lead the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? couple to despise each other and break up eventually.

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