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90 Day Fiance: Police Intervenes In Daniele Gates & Scott Wern’s Feud! What Happened?

90 Day Fiance star Scott Wern is doing anything and everything to make it to the headlines. He initially created controversies with his storyline with Lidia. Soon after their breakup, the notorious celeb’s name started to get associated with almost every woman in the franchise. Amid all this, Scott’s issues with Daniel came into the limelight.

But now it seems that Scott and Daniele’s problems are getting out of hand. Recently, viewers were in disbelief when they got to know that the police had to intervene in their matter because of the drama. What exactly happened? What are these two up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Why Was A Police Intervention Required In Daniele & Scott’s Matter?

Controversies always surround 90 Day Fiance star Scott Wern. He always ends up getting in trouble and arguments with his costars. Lately, the celeb has been butting heads with Daniele Gates. The latter is famous for her storyline with Yohan. Recently, Wern took to Instagram and claimed that she has been “bullying” him these days.

As per Scott, Daniele posted his number on a thread, and then he began getting threatening phone calls. He stated that he had got around “like eight calls” during the entire thing. The celeb further accused Gates of saying, “I’m going to hurt you really bad/death threat.”

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Scott seemed to be really frustrated and made it clear that he would soon be reporting this to the police. He soon posted a picture of a Hernando County Sheriff’s Office vehicle on Instagram. The noted star wrote in the caption, “Needs to stop !! I have enough evidence to pursue this.” Wern made it clear that if Daniele takes even a word against him now, he will end up taking “criminal and civil action” against her.

The cast member seemed to be fearless now. Scott stated, “Everything to gain and nothing to lose !!!!.” He even ended up exposing Daniele and some chats he had with her. Fans were in shock when they got to know about it.

90 Day Fiance: Scott Exposed Daniele’s Text On Instagram And Blocked Her! But Why?

Scott Wern took to Instagram and shared a video in which he exposed the texts that he had with Daniele. In chats, the latter ordered him to take off all the pictures of his “feed.” Then, she soon sent an audio in which she predicted this would soon shared in a “group chat” or any kind of video.

But Daniele wasn’t afraid of anything now and wanted Wern to understand what she actually wanted from him. It isn’t the first time Gates exposed someone. She did the same with her husband, Yohan,

Daniele stated, “I need you to stop using my name in your videos.” She asked Scott not to use any of her pictures or even tag her in any of his posts. The 90 Day Fiance celeb further begged him to pretend as if she didn’t even exist in this world. Gates made it clear, “Your obsession with cast members makes me very, very uncomfortable.”

Gates explained in the audio that she had asked Scott “multiple times ” to maintain his boundary. But he hasn’t understood that, so she has finally decided to “establish” her own boundary. Gates ended with her concluding note, “Respect it, and honor it.” Apparently, Wern wasn’t in the mood to take any kind of accusations and ended up blocking her.

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