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90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk’s New Season Debuts With A MASSIVE TWIST! What Is It?

90 Day Fiance franchise has introduced a lot of spinoffs over the years. There are several editions, and viewers have been in love with the show. However, the network never fails to come up with new ideas and surprise their audience.

Hence, it did the same again and brought a completely new concept for the Pillow Talk segment of the franchise. Recently, the network dropped a quick sneak peek of the upcoming new season, which has wholly new dynamics! But what is new in it? Who all are in it? What are they up to now?

90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk New Season Debuts With Completely New Dynamics! What Are They?

90 Day Fiance has an edition named Pillow Talk. It is a segment where some of the previous famous cast members watch the current airing season of the franchise and give their reviews on it. Usually, stars appear on this with their significant others or with someone from their family.

Over the years, this segment has gained a lot of attention, and viewers are in love with the sarcasm and wit that the members show. However, the network decided to add a twist to the upcoming edition.

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Recently, TLC dropped the first look of the upcoming Pillow Talk show for Season 10 of the franchise. It revealed that this time, there would be 4 pairs who would be in the same villa judging the new edition together!

The castmates include famous partners like Elizabeth and Andrei, Veronica and Tim, accompanied by Loren and Alexei as well. These couples would have house parties together while they would sit and react to the brand-new season of 90 Day Fiance!

It is evident that fans love this new concept and are eagerly waiting for the episodes to air. A user wrote, “I’m super excited about this..” Another one added, “I’m more excited for this than the actual episode.”

Hence, it seems that bringing all the pairs under the same roof has definitely served the purpose, and viewers are really excited about this new edition.

What Does 90 Day Fiance Season 10 Has To Offer? Who All Are In It?

Pillow Talks’s new concept has already created anticipation among the viewers. Fans are holding their breaths, and for the first time ever, all these pairs would be together under the same roof!

They would be examining Season 10 of the Mainstream and would pass on their opinions. But what does this new edition have to offer? Who all are in Season 10 of the show?

90 DAy FIance

It starts with a couple named Justin and Nikki, who met around 17 years ago in Moldova via a dating website. They broke up once and are again giving their love another chance with completely new dynamics.

Then comes Rob and Sophie, who had love at first sight, and they end up deciding that they are each other’s soul mates. The third one is Gino and Jasmine, who are returning for another season with their drama and chaos.

Then there are couples like Clayton & Anali, Nick & Devin, Sam & Citra, and Manuel & Ashley, who would add spice to the dynamics with their brand new storyline.

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