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90 Day Fiance: Paul Staehle’s Child Custody Feud Gets Ugly!!

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins were clearly one odd pair. After their debut on 90 Day Fiance, fans understood that they won’t last long. Yet, they stayed together for quite a few years and also had two kids. Yet, this didn’t stop their marriage from deteriorating. They had to involve the law and also got restraining orders for each other.

Moreover, footage of Karine physically abusing Paul also harmed their reputation. Their kids suffered, too, as the court announced that the parents were unfit for raising them, and CPS had to take over. As per the latest update, the couple’s kids, Ethan and Pierre, are with Paul’s cousin, and things are still as bad as ever, as there has now been a breach in following court orders.

90 Day Fiance: Paul & Karine Martins Struggling To Meet The Kids! Cousin Isn’t Adhering To Court Orders

It has been a while since 90 Day Fiance fans got a glimpse of Paul and Karine on screens. That’s because the network fired them after their many run-ins with the law, be it alleged sexual assault or domestic violence. Because of these antics, they also lost custody of their kids, Ethan and Pierre, last year in 2022. While CPS took over, the kids stayed with a foster family for a while.

As per Paul’s latest social media post, his cousin had taken over his kids Ethan and Pierre. Unfortunately, she is not letting any biological family meet them. He uploaded a story saying how the for 90 Day Fiance couple and his mother didn’t decorate their house or celebrate Christmas this year. That’s because the family member has been paying no heed to the court orders.

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Paul mentioned how his mother had the visitation rights to see her grandkids. Moreover, Karine also did all her tasks given by the CPS to get approval to meet her sons. But Paul’s cousin has “banned” them from meeting the little ones. At the same time, they don’t have permission to call, video call, or get glimpses of them through photos and videos either.

Later, the ex TV star also mentioned how his cousin had testified about not meddling with the biological family wanting to have a relationship with Ethan and Pierre. So, despite being under oath, the cousin has allegedly been breaking the rules, and Paul made a lengthy post about the same on the internet.

90 Day Fiance: More Details About Paul & Karine Custody Battle Issues!

This wasn’t the first time Paul made a post about the custody battle. In fact, around Christmas, he had mentioned how neither he, his mom, nor Karine were getting to meet the kids. As per the Louisville native, the cousin implied this bann right around the time she knew the courts would be closed.

90 Day Fiance

So, despite Paul’s mother and ex-wife having visitation rights, they were unable to file the motion. That’s because they knew the courts would open after the holiday season, meaning they didn’t get to meet Ethan and Pierre for Christmas. The star mentioned how they also had gotten gifts for the kids and were unable to give it to them.

Yet, Paul mentioned how his family was now gathering funds to afford a lawyer. This would further help their case and provide them some justice.

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